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  1. Thank you, yes it is a fly cruise, we go to Barbados first
  2. Thank you, sadly Sturgeon doesn’t work for me We did not pick a cabin as we thought that £2k was slightly over inflated for the choice of one, yes I get seasick but not sure it warrants me paying that much 😢 and I still would not now
  3. Thank you so much everyone I would love to not experience the sickness but it just plays on my mind as I know I get it-and it would be amazing if I didn’t on this cruise We have been given DE for our room, but unsure as to what that means, as mentioned we didn’t choose the cabin as 2k for the honour was, we thought a bit expensive 😬 I am glad however that we have picked a good month hopefully weather wise We are planning to use the Port excursions as we are a group of 6 and the thought of being timed on trips and waiting around with lots of ot
  4. Thats great, thank you, I have noted this and will ask my docotor for a script 🙂
  5. When I rang and booked my cruise, I asked the lady about the refit, and she said the plans are that it will be done when they are able to get back to work as all crusies are suspsneded until October so they will be looking to get it done in between when they can go back to work and sailing again - obvioulsy I have no idea if this is correct just what I was told on the phone
  6. Sadly they don't touch me...if anyone knows something that defintely works I am all ears, and would be forever grateful! I have it that bad I cannnot watch any movement on a computer game with out being sick!!
  7. Thank you SO much, that is a huge relief knowing we should not experience Seasick - we are going in Feb which I believe is not Hurricane Season
  8. Hi all Thank you for letting me join We are 1st time cruise bookers and are going on the Caribbean Cruise for 14 nights on the Azura We have booked a Superior Deluxe Balcony Room, however I suffer badly with motion sickness, we did not pay the extra £2k to choose our room as we thought that was a ridiculous amount for the privilege, our cabin type shows DE on our confirmation, does anyone know where we could be and if the areas will be bad for sickness? Apart from all of this we are very excited...also any tips on what we must book etc would be greatly received
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