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  1. This is a glorified mini suite! There is no walk in shower. Half the balcony is obstructed by another deck! Shame on Princess for passing this off as an S5 class suite. It is a mini suite on other ships.
  2. Oh, remember that folks screen print and keep them as photos. They can show up in the most unexpected places! Such as below 🤣
  3. Please remember that an online post is forever. Write posts that you would like your friends, employers, relatives to read and be proud of you for writing it. Not embarrassed because it is less than nice.
  4. I’m confused as to why you feel you know someone’s being a glutton? Let me share an experience with you. I once had a patient who lost 200 lbs. She was still obese, but on the way down the scale. To celebrate her birthday her husband had a party at Golden Corral. She went up and filled her plate with a wide variety of foods. To the casual bystander, it looked excessive. What those judging her did not know was that once in the room set aside for her party, she would have one or two bites of each item to taste them, and then stop eatIng that item. Her plate had a lot of food on it when it was cleared. What was particularly CRUEL was on the way out, She received a few nasty, snide comments from a couple who had been behind her at one food station. This was her birthday and we were celebrating a personal triumph for her. It was completely wrecked by a pair of sanctimonious judgmental hypocrites! Please don’t join their ranks. Think of her story before you decide to pass judgement on another human being.
  5. First, thank you for sharing that. The Washington Post article links to an FDA statement which is from April. (Old news recycled as new news. Gotta love the WP!). I’m not commenting on the validity, just the timelines of it.
  6. “as they overload their plates wiTh all kinds off food their doctors recommend they should avoid” That is judgemental in my opinion. Again - why does it matter to you? The only nerve you hit was the one about criticizing another cruiser. They paid their money. They can eat what they want in my book. If I’m their provider, I will turn a very blind eye to what is on their plates. It’s their vacation.
  7. WOW! That’s quite a post. Why would you even care what another person says, does, eats? It’s their vacation and they can eat what they want — without (a self-appointed) member of the pantry police overseeing their choices.
  8. It’s 6 of one, half dozen of another. It does not matter if I put the food on my plate, or a server hands me the portion on the plate. Why does it make a difference and why are folks knickers in a twist about this?
  9. Personally, I LOVE buffets! (My waistline might not!) Take what you want, and try things you might not normally have at home. If you don’t like the taste, just put it to the side and go back up and get something else to try. Whoopie! Who cares what narrow minded people think? If they feel they are “so important” then that’s fine with me - I’ll still do what I want, when I want, and how I want to do it. Their approval is neither solicited nor considered in my decision making process. Life is way too short, to worry about people who have braces on their brains.
  10. . i just went and did a search at the National Library of Medicine (pubmed) which publishes abstracts and studies of global research studies. There are no Covid specific studies regarding self- served food. There were two studies regarding virus transmission via self-served food venues and it was a surprise. Patrons did not spread the virus. FOOD PREPARERS SPREAD THE DISEASE BY CONTAMINATING THE FOOD! That was a huge surprise to me. So thank-you Ontheweb for your post. .
  11. I recently came across battery led finger lights - meant to be a child's toy. Use a white one at night for bathroom trips.
  12. Wow this thread has taken on a life of its own! I would like to offer two suggestions that I’m doing now. 1) Hat with a built in oversized face Shield. Baseball style cap for gents. For ladies I’ve tried both the cloth hat(not so good) and the straw hat (works great!) the brim keeps the face shield away from your mouth and nose, so you can eat comfortably with it on. The faceshield extends from ear to ear and down under your chin/jaw line. Both available from Amazon. 2) the Kooty Key eliminates the need for multiple pairs of gloves. I keep mine in a plastic snack bag and pull it out to open doors, throw locks, press elevator buttons etc. Also on Amazon. Both are coming on my next cruise!
  13. I saw on Princesses website that if they cancel your cruise this year, they will process an fcc to your Captain’s Circle Account. Isn’t the Capt. Circle a loyalty program where you accrue points resulting in onboard perks like free laundry or internet? How can you access a future cruise credit from it? I’d appreciate hearing from someone whose cruise was cancelled and received the credit, - to hopefully explain it. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the clarification! I will rewrite them today. The goal is to reinstate cruises to nowhere. Given that Carnival is HQ’s in Florida and Princess is HQ’d in California it might gain some traction. They pay a lot of taxes (Especially state and city,) and I believe that between them, they have thousands of US (taxpaying) employees.
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