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  1. Yes balance was paid in full and quite especially with oceana passengers now swaping 🤷‍♂️
  2. Thanks for the help So original cruise was 4375 x 1.25 = 5469 to spend 😁
  3. hi all Cruise was cancelled in second batch of cancellations should I received a email saying this and stating I would be given fcc if I did nothing This was a few weeks back now Should I have received any more communication stating the the fcc and the ballance of it ? Tia
  4. Hi all Our original cruise was planned for May but was obviously cancelled we have been given fcc But with our son moving from baby category to child his fare will increase Should I ask the question or just accept it ? Also with price increases and this the 125 is probably not going to cover a similar holiday Tia
  5. Ah good so in general the older boats have slightly larger suites off to try and find a planned cruise that suits us for next year then 😀 thank you
  6. My new wife and I booked a cruise in May 2020 as our honeymoon We booked a suite on the oceana Any way covid means a fcc to use Now just tring to do abit of research Wich p and o ship has the best suites and benefits Must be child friendly as we will be taking our 2 year old son Thanks
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