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  1. Pleasant surprise: We were on the World Cruise and left LA on Jan 20. Cruise cancelled in early March, only 6 weeks into a 16 week cruise. Disembarked on March 21. We were promised that FCCs and Refunds would be retroactive to March 1. So I figured we would get about 64% of our fare. We opted for Option 2, so that would be the same for both FCCs and for actual cash. The FCCs showed up about 10 days ago for the correct amount - half in my account and half in my partner's account. Just now I was checking my credit card online and I saw that I have receive 2 credits each equal t
  2. It appears that today would be 7 business days...Any news
  3. Thanks! Looks like the FCCs has been credited to our accounts. Now to wait for the cash: - Refunds in amount equal to FCC - Onboard account balance return ( which is quite large due to cancelled excursions) - Travel expenses submitted in April for baggage and meals on way to US from Australia
  4. That is good new, I was also on that cruise. Did you select option 1 or 2? I picked option 2, but now I don't remember what that actually meant I was supposed to get. Anybody know What the options for the World Cruise mean?
  5. Hey, same thing here. We also on that ship. Clearly Princess is not refunding based on cruise date since ours was Jan 2020. Nor on end date since we were forced to disembark on March 21. They owe me the balance in my on-board folio account (a few thousand since all the shore excursions were cancelled). Plus reimbursement for baggage fees since we clealry had more luggage than the standard for air (Princess paid directly for airfare form Australia to LA). Plus, of course, the refund (option 2). When I spoke to them last week, they said that the Pacific Princess would be processe
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