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  1. “Global Suspension Future Cruise Credits issued for 2021 sailings must be applied to a reservation no later than December 31, 2021. However, the credit can be applied towards any reservation that is booked on a sailing departing now through April 30, 2023. To speak with an Azamara representative you can call 833-292-2292 for US and Canadian guests. If you are a UK guest you can dial 0344-493-4016.”
  2. Hi Cruizer Bill! Guests’ status with Azamara loyalty programs will not change; however, there will no longer be reciprocity with Celebrity Cruises’ Captains Club program. We can assure you that Azamara Circle members will continue to experience attractive and exclusive benefits and privileges under the new ownership structure. - Azamara Team
  3. Hi tgg! Future cruise credits will be honored under the new ownership structure. - Azamara Team
  4. Hi Phil, Thank you for the kind wishes for Philip. Although we can never replace Philip, we place focus and energy on developing our teams, which prepares future leaders to be ready to step up when the time comes. We are confident an equally thoughtful and engaging team member will be ready to welcome you back when you are ready. Stay tuned for an announcement in the near future! Azamara Team
  5. Dear Azamara Circle members, On behalf of the Azamara family, I’d like to send some warm wishes to our beloved Philip Herbert, who will be departing from his position as Hotel Director. As he closes a beautiful chapter, he leaves behind a legacy of many cherished memories and contributions. Philip has been with us since 2007, around the same time Azamara began operating. Since day one, his spirit for exploration and hospitality, paired with his years of experience in the cruising industry, has made him an essential part of our team. As Hotel Director for both Azamara J
  6. We would like to thank all of our loyal guests for the support you’ve shown Azamara over the past few months. As an industry we’ve faced many challenges, but each day we’re a step closer to a healthy return to service. Despite the many uncertainties we are still facing, we are pleased to see that travel partners and cruisers have a strong interest in our new voyages. Following our 2022-2023 deployment announcement, we saw three times more bookings for new voyages compared to last year’s deployment announcement. The strong demand in our 2022-2023 deployment follows a very successfu
  7. Please email loyaltyambassador@azamara.com with your loyalty information and we'll be able to look into this further. Thank you.
  8. Please email loyaltyambassador@azamara.com with your loyalty information and we'll be able to look into this further. Thank you.
  9. Please email loyaltyambassador@azamara.com with your loyalty information and we'll be able to look into this further. Thank you.
  10. Please email loyaltyambassador@azamara.com with your booking information and we'll be able to look into this further. Thank you.
  11. While we have done our best to accommodate as many itineraries as possible for Lift and Shift, there may be some cases that may not apply for various reasons. However, we would like another opportunity to look into this for you. Please email webhelp@azamara.com with guest first and last names, booking ID, ship and sail date, phone number, and email. Please include "Cruise Critic Help" in your subject line.
  12. Today we announced an extension of suspended sailings departing on-or-before September 30, 2020. For more information, please visit azamara.com/traveladvisory.
  13. We understand the frustration of guest refunds and FCC delays, and are working around the clock to address every guest and their travel agents. We have added resources and continue to develop processes to improve the turnaround time. There are several good questions that have been posed by our Cruise Critic followers and we have addressed the most frequent below. Thank you for your questions, we hope this helps clarify. Several factors in each booking affect how refunds or certificates are issued and contribute to the time each takes. Some of these factors include the date in whi
  14. For example, we refund taxes back to the credit card used on the booking whether travel partner or guest. If the refund goes back to the travel partner's form of payment then the travel partner would then return the taxes to the guest. Hope this helps.
  15. Hello, taxes would go back to the form of payment used on the booking.
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