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  1. PCR can take up to 72 hours if the lab is busy. I took one this past saturday at noon EST and I didn't get my result back until 6am this morning.
  2. Ahh, I saw your message and thought you had a wrap around or something. Still, you have a balcony on a cruise ship in 2021, THAT in itself is a victory!
  3. On the Fantasy in 2013 it periodically snowed in the atrium too, pretty neat if you ask me.
  4. Sounds like someone I know is going to eat a ton of shrimp next week 😅
  5. Good to know. We'll just have to try and get our timing right 😛
  6. Did they allow you to park early? We are coming up from Virginia next sunday and traffic getting through the DC area is a crapshoot, so we are giving ourselves a 45-60 minute cushion on the travel time
  7. yep, Pride has been out for 5 days and is still green too
  8. Legend is due back in Miami around 9/22, i'm interested in seeing how the new paint looks on the Spirit class in the water
  9. Legend and Valor have been completed too Here's a gallery of them compiled by Aplmac:
  10. The article I read said that Carnival was offering to move affected guests to the 9/4 sailing out of Galveston
  11. Pretty sure this expected to be honest. Just read this on another reputable site.
  12. Just checked, Glory shows up for Sept+ and Valor shows up Nov+
  13. Used to be able to email prsupper@carnival.com and work with them, but that was prior to having to book through the website. Could give it a try.
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