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  1. Depends on the ship I guess. I know on the Spirit class they can close the roof over one of the pools and it stays pretty busy in there (and becomes a sauna!)
  2. I went up there once onboard with one of the people from the other cabin in my group and they took care of putting it together for us
  3. I was on the 9/26, and steakhouse was as good as i remember. My whole group enjoyed it. Must have been them shaking the rust off
  4. I had this happen twice on Sunday. After the second one, I stayed on the line and wasn't actually disconnected, it kicked me back into the actual phone queue
  5. It will specifically say "Free drinks on us for you and one travel companion" or something like that. The jackpot deals that are floating around are for the passenger that books the rate only.
  6. I do enjoy the glass staircase leading up to the steakhouse!
  7. Imagination used to run a 4 night Key West/Cozumel run a few years back
  8. Most of them would have been converted to floor to ceiling windows, i know Pride is set up like that. The others probably have the doors perma-locked. I'll find out in January on Legend, I have one of the 4K cabins
  9. Way less secret and mainly underutilized is the hallway between the atrium and the casino. It's rarely used, and is a really good cut through when the main passage is crowded
  10. There is also a very easily missed door on deck 9 that lets you out onto a large observation area directly on top of the bridge. I never see many people out there. Not "secret" but not widely known either
  11. It's public, but always empty because the entrance to it is very unassuming. In the deck 3 smoking area outside, there is actually a non-functional sign for it (I have never seen it lit up). Almost seems like it was supposed to be accessed from the outside on deck 3, but they for some reason relocated the entrance to the inside
  12. You will more than likely enjoy the Spirit class ships. They are laid out extremely well!
  13. 7204 is going to be the same size as a standard cabin, with about 1-2 extra feet worth of foot room on the balcony.
  14. Always seems to be worse on the way back too
  15. You do know that it is in fact permissible for people to not agree with you right? You seem to have the whole broken record thing going on. The thread is called "Your Favorite Carnival Ship" not "SNJCruisers craps on everything 120K or less". We get it by now, you *hate* older ships, but why piss on everyone else's opinion?
  16. I can tell you that on the 9/26 sailing, debark started around 9:30, which was 30 minutes before we were even scheduled to be back in port. As far as traffic goes around the stadium, I would plan for an arrival time that's a little later (1:30ish) should be good, most of the traffic will be in the game already
  17. Some people don't want to cruise with 6,000 people. I prefer Spirit ships because of the layout, and they only run 2600 max passengers. Does that means I won't enjoy a cruise on Mardi Gras? Hell no, i'd be all about it since cruises are an escape for me. While I *prefer* Spirits, i'll never turn down a cruise on any ship, regardless of size or passenger count.
  18. Once they move back to 5pm sailing (been 7pm for a few weeks now) you will be able to get earlier times
  19. If it weren't for bridges, I suspect we would see a Conquest in Baltimore, and maybe even Tampa. I never realized just how much smaller the funnel is on the Spirit ships than the other classes.
  20. Let me add on here: the 3% fee is when you charge directly to your S&S account. If you walk up and buy chips with cash, no fee.
  21. That's only if you are buying chips at a table, or the desk. When you go to cash out at the desk, there is no fee. They just cash out any chips, then anything left in your S&S player bank.
  22. It makes sense, Spirit ships are generally well loved for various reasons
  23. Yep, just walk up. They were generally open 4-10pm on most days
  24. The only real different now is you aren't gathered with 800 other people at a set time. The content is identical
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