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  1. Hi Hallasm, Thanks for the update! Do you know if they allowed any Spanish, Italian, or English?
  2. Totally agree! So much to experience in Istanbul. Such a fabulous city.
  3. Thanks for the great travel ideas; I've never been to Gatlinburg but I've heard it's beautiful.
  4. Yes, I've been hearing a lot of RV trips with butlers onboard; I guess people really want to mimic the luxury cruise experience ...
  5. Interesting to know some of the nationalities that were allowed on board ... Thank you!
  6. Did you find it a difficult trade-off between cabin/amenities vs way more adventure (which I'm a huge fan of)?
  7. Editing my post to exclude "many of the passengers were foreigners." Tried to find the one article I read that mentioned it and can't find it anymore.
  8. Hi Richws, I tried looking for the article, but I couldn't find it again. Only one of the articles mentioned "mostly foreigners" or something along those lines. Because I can't find it, I'm going to edit my original post. If I find it, I'll reach out and send you the link.
  9. Okay, there's hope yet for some social distancing at national parks! Thanks for the tip!
  10. This is why I keep wondering how crowded national parks are right now. In California, they are very busy ...
  11. Thanks for the tip: old Florida looks interesting!
  12. We can't make assumptions that a crew member was the source. Non-Norwegian crew members had to get two negative COVID tests before leaving their countries and be put into quarantine before sailing. Articles don't talk about passenger testing; many of the passengers were foreigners.
  13. From what I read, the crew were mostly Filipino. Non-Norwegian staff had to have two negative COVID tests before leaving the country and then be put into quarantine before the cruise. Articles haven't mentioned testing or quarantine procedures for passengers, but there were many foreigners.
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