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  1. Also, make sure you check your documentation carefully. The edocs had the air information with general information including the Record Locator Number so you can view the booking on the airline website. About a month from sailing we received a confirmation of air travel. My DW received this email but I did not. When I looked at the confirmation it had both our names and the correct flight information but beside her name was an e-ticket number, there was nothing beside my name. I did not think anything was amiss. When checking into my flight the day before, my boarding pass had printed on it "collect coupon". I thought this very odd. I called the airline to check what that meant and they told me an e-ticket had not been issued and the only reason my seat was not cancelled was because it was associted to my DW's seat. 2 hours plus on the phone with NCL resolved the issue and an e-ticket was issued. I guess I should have been more dillegent in reviewing the confirmation however NCL did not do their part either.
  2. Sailing on the Escape today and saw that the ship has not docked as of 6:30am. Most other times I have paid attention the ship was docked by 4 or 5am.
  3. My vacation summary on ncl.com did not have airlines or the record locator number. This information was found on my edocs.
  4. For some clarification, the record locator # usually does not work as it is a group booking number. I use the CheckMyTrip app and put in the group locator number and the app will show the airline and their confirmation # which you then can use to log into the airline website to choose seates etc.
  5. The show was excellent in the Supper Club so it will be interesting to see them in a much larger venue. We also enjoyed the Brat Pack show, I would have seen that again as well.
  6. Thank you for the clarification. Happy to know we will be able to see their show again. I do find it curious that Choir of Man is the main theatre show on 2 of NCL's Mega ships
  7. I read the following article: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/4306/ If the Choir of Men are done on the Escape does anyone have an idea what the replacement would be? We saw them on our last Escape cruise in the fall. We are sailing the Escape this September and we were looking forward to see their show again.
  8. Correct, they are a business and making money and looking at the dollar is what a company is supposed to do.
  9. Not a waste of time. On Anthem in October, booked Anthem for 2020 while on board $100 deposit and $300 OBC. Can't get that from a TA or by booking online.
  10. We were fortunate at the beginning of the month to sail Anthem one week and sail NCL Escape the following week. I found embarkation better on the Escape and sailing from Manhatten was amazing. I found the food to be comparable with the Anthem and service very good on both. I will say that there were far more supervisors on the Escape in all the food venues asking how everything was and pitching in to bus tables and seat people. You are absolutely correct that the entertainment is superior on RCCL and that was true on the Anthem and there should never be an additional charge for this like there is on the Escape. Many of the different events were held in the Atrium on the Escape which is so small and was terribly crowded. We had the ultimate beverage package on both the Anthem and the Escape and the Escape package did not include bottled water or any specialty coffees and while in New York and Florida you are charged tax on your drinks. I was also not a fan of how the casino was in the area where the decks 3 decks are open. The smoke traveled on these open decks. There was no closed in pool or solarium. So while I thought the Escape was a beautiful ship, the Anthem has so much more going for it.
  11. We just finished cruising on the Anthem and then the following week on the NCL Escape. We have cruised with our kids when they were young and it is such a great vacation for them. With excellent kids clubs it is also a nice break for Mom and Dad. I agree that sailing from Bayonne is cheaper but access to the terminal and inside the terminal is not great. Sailing on the Escape out of Manhattan was very special and the terminal is much nicer. We found the food on the Escape a little better than the Anthem. We made reservations for all our dining and we had no problems being seated and in fact found the service in the dining rooms better than the Anthem. Breakfast in the dining room on the Escape was excellent and we saw many families and they were served quickly. However, with no covered pools or inside areas on the pool deck of the Escape it was unusable for 2 solid days because of cool weather. The Waterfront on Deck 8 which is also a very nice feature to sit and watch the ocean was also unusable during this time. This results in the inside public areas being very crowded. We found it difficult to find an inside spot to sit and relax. We enjoyed O'Sheehans and the District Brewhouse on the Escape but were not impressed with being charged tax on drinks when in New York and Florida even though we had the Ultimate Drink Package. My choice would be the Anthem. They have a great covered pool which I did not think was super crowded during the cooler sea days. With the top deck being usable regardless of the weather it was definitely less crowded in the inside public areas. Anthem food and service is very good and the 270 area is really amazing to just sit and relax or see a show.
  12. We sailed the Anthem for the first time 10/26. The design of the ship is very unique and reminiscent of smaller RCCL ships. Being big fans of the Oasis class we wondered if we would like it. We absolutely did. Very much enjoyed the Solarium and there are many places to sit and relax. It does get crowded after muster and after shows but that is to be expected. For the remainder of the time it was fine. We booked again on Anthem for 11 days. Can't wait.
  13. We have sailed the Oasis class 3 times and we just finished an Anthem cruise. We really like the Oasis class and it did take some time to get used to the unique layout of the Anthem as it is very different from other RCCL ships. But once we got used to it we really enjoyed how different it was. Yes 270 is amazing but for us the highlight is the Solarium, a covered adults only area with a multi level pool, and hot tubs.
  14. However having just returned last week from an Anthem cruise and an NCL Escape Cruise NCL drink package does not include bottled water or specialty coffees and the most annoying part is you pay tax on all your drinks while in US ports or waters which is just nuts. Anthem drink package includes everything and no tax.
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