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  1. My Vegas has no idea to what cruise you are applying the reward. You redeem points for OBC and then email RCCL to apply it to your booking. If it is refused it is RCCL doing so not My Vegas. I have applied several My Vegas Reward OBC on all types of cruise bookings and never an issue.
  2. The other reason to book on board is reduced deposit and the ability to change ship/within 90 days with no penalty. We booked two cruises on our last cruise. I also found a better price online and it turns out Next Cruise had not applied the resident discount. I showed the agent the online summary and she was able to apply the discount. After being at home for a couple of weks I change my cabin on one cruise and I moved my deposit from a Symphony cruise to Celecrity Apex. Both changes made with no penalty and no hassle.
  3. We just booked the Apex as well by transferring a NRD from RCCL Symphony of the Seas. The pricing for Symphony was ridiculous and the Apex was better priced with all 4 perks. We are sailing the newly Amped Oasis of the Seas in October so we will get our dose of the Oasis Class and therefore don't need to sail the Symphony and can look forward to the Apex. We are Diamond on RCCL and have sallied most of the classes with the most being on the Oasis class and Quantum class so in looking for something different we are very excited about the Apex. The posts in this topic have been fa
  4. We learned very quickly to avoid the buffet on embarkation day, now we go to the Solarium on Quantum class and Solarium and Park Café on Oasis class. The Solarium especially is not busy.
  5. Great review, quite humorous. From a Royal fan who has sailed NCL twice your observations are spot on. It was so much easier booking specialty dining with a package on the NCL planner prior to the cruise. Lunch on embarkation day in the dining room on NCL is such a nice experience. Your comment about the Windjammer is so true.
  6. I have not been on the Breakaway but have sailed the NCL Escape twice. Both cruises were excellent with good service and good food. Certainly more casual than RCCL and NCL has My Time Dining down to a science. However I am not a fan of the layout of their ships. The pool deck is very small. Deck chairs are nearly stacked on top of each other. and no real adult areas. I found the entertainment lacking compared to Royal. The perks certainly make the NCL cruise attractive but the Harmony would be a better ship with more activities for the family.
  7. We have booked the Oasis for this fall. I have been on the Oasis and the Allure so I am curious about all the upgrades plus the stop at Coco Cay. I had both the Oasis and Symphony booked. The Oasis was half the cost of the Symphony and they really are not all that different. As far as the cabins not being updated on the Oasis not a big deal for me. Looking forward to the amped Oasis. FWIW, I moved my deposit from the Symphony to the Celebrity Apex. The cruise on the Apex with Veranda and 4 perks (grats, premium beverage package, unlimited internet and $300 OBC) was only $300 more than
  8. Tha is very true. I guess knowing what you want is important. We booked two new cruises on our cruise in January. Made changes to both when we got home without penalty. One is for 2021 and lots can happen between now and then. Worst case scenario we are out $200 if we need to cancel.
  9. This is why I don't understand all the negative comments about booking with Nextcruise while on a cruise. You get the balcony discount, OBC and lower deposit. Plus I always add $100 to $200 OBC from My Vegas without any issue.
  10. According the Anthem update page on the RCCL site, you can submit your receipts for reimbursement.
  11. Post#233 Clarifies the situation and should quell the hysteria on this thread, but alas it is cruise critic so that won't happen.
  12. Certainly your choice and one must do what they feel is right. Just don't complain when you are not compensated by Royal for cancelling your cruise. All local and state officials have declared no outbreak. CDC allowed PAX to disembark. The next cruise is still scheduled but delayed. No reason for Royal to offer refund or future CC to people who cancel.
  13. As an update, called RCCL main reservations and spoke to a very helpful gentleman who put me on hold for a couple of minutes and came back on the line and said no problem changing your deposit to a Celebrity booking. Put me back on hold and in that time got a Celebrity rep on the line, gave him the codes needed to apply the discount and connected me. The Celebrity rep was amazing. Since I was new to Celebrity he took the time to explain their cabin categories. He also would not alter my original reservation until I was satisfied with the price of the new cruise. The rep added my Captain
  14. We booked two new RCL cruises while on board the Anthem (fantastic cruise!) two weeks ago. In looking at other cruises there is a Celebrity cruise in 2021 that we would like to try. I would like to use my deposit from our one booked cruises for the Celebrity Cruise. Has anyone had any luck doing trying to move deposits between lines?
  15. We have done oceanview on Oasis and other ships and Boardwalk and CP on Allure. I found the CP balcony boring and without a view of the ocean. We really enjoyed the Boardwalk balcony. In my opinion on any ship you can get an oceanview balcony only on Oasis class can you get a neighborhood balcony. And there is no noise with the sliding door closed, there are no odors wafting up from the boardwalk and the odd towel draped over a chair on a balcony is hardly people's laundry hanging everywhere.
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