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  1. @msears101 thanks for the tip on the luggage! I had done a bit of research, so knew it would be complicated, but your post swayed me further against trekking with it. After much scrambling and further research, we decided to change our airfare and book the 10 night Polynesian Dream via Dream Yacht Charter in March 2021. Our embarkation coincides with my husband's 40th birthday which somehow made it seem like just the perfect celebration. Fingers crossed that the covid landscape looks different then than it does now. We had paid for our December 2020 cruise in full in order to maximize points on the card, and we had planned to take it as a refund. That is until I somehow found myself looking at Windstar's 7-for-7 deals yesterday, which resulted in us making an impulse booking for the Star Pride's December 18, 2021 embarkation! We weren't sure how soon we could catch another deal on a Polynesian Windstar cruise, and our appetites were already whetted for Windstar and there was the boost on the FCC. The biggest problem is deciding which one will be our honeymoon and which one is our "I survived 2020" treat.
  2. @Dd3thomas my husband and I were on the last planned Tahiti cruise for 2020, setting sail on the 28th. We are now scrambling to decide if we will do a cabin charter or scrap the whole trip. What catamaran's are you considering? We're eyeing the Bora Bora Dream 8 Days via Dream Yacht Charter, but making it in and our of Raiatea with luggage (I'm planning to bring my SUP) adds another whole level of logistics.
  3. Longtime lurker, first time poster here. Heartfelt, I commend you for your October cruise willingness. Thank you for your bravery and service. We hope you have a fabulous time and can't wait to hear all about it. My husband and I married in August 2016, and we finally planned our honeymoon for a July 2019 Alaskan Cunard cruise which we cancelled in February as we saw people being trapped on cruises indefinitely and that was not a possibility for us to request of our employers. Then in May, when we it seemed like California and the US had cases somewhat under control, we took advantage of Wind Spirit's deal for December 28th FP cruise which was our original choice, but was too expensive for our nanny and teacher's salary. Now as the US and CA cases have spiked, we have sat at home hoping that this will all work out in some way for us to enjoy FP paradise aboard the Wind Spirit to celebrate our spiritual union. We are so appreciative of any updates on this site, and we are so hopeful that we experience FP paradise before the year is out. Healthy wishes to everyone! Susiesan, I've been reading about your wariness for weeks now, and I'm so glad your final payment was pushed back. We paid our cruise in full because it allowed us to solidify points on our credit card which then allowed us to secure housing pre and post-cruise in Tahiti and Moorea. Honeymooning on Windstar was always our preference, so we have our fingers crossed that if our cruise ia cancelled for late December, we will still be able to reschedule for a future date. FP is our dream honeymoon, but I am also curious about their future SA sailings. This will be my first cruise, and I am looking forward to being royally spoiled. Petooyna, thank you for all your enthusiasm and expertise about cruising in FP on Windstar. Your love is palpable. We have yet to finalize plans for all of our excursions, and your guideline will be our touchstone. We only wish we could cruise with you and your DH. We understand the tenuous position this has put you in with your children, and we hope that you are able to receive their blessing before your boarding. I hope I am as daring and thrill-seeking as you when I approach your age. You are an inspiration.
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