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  1. I also received a refund today. Canceled on July 31st, so it took 8 weeks.
  2. I canceled on 7/31 and they are now saying I won’t see the refund until 10/23-11/2. I think waiting 90 days for a refund is ridiculous.
  3. That's too bad. We are planning on waiting until closer to final payment before deciding if we are going to cancel or not. I completely agree with you about not wanting to commit more money to something that most likely wont happen. We booked our airfare through Silversea so at least we don't have to worry about dealing with two companies. Did they give you a hard time about cancelling?
  4. @Kallaway yes it is. I'm also on the Dec 11 sailing!
  5. I'm glad that this means we only have to deal with 1 county letting visitors in rather than 2, but I still don't hold a lot of hope for my December sailing. Argentina is currently not letting any tourists in until September 1st and I think there is a high likelihood that this date will get pushed back.
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