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  1. Oh goodness 120 days!! That's awful 😞 I am still a bit cross that 'they' won't wait until after 21st June when we get told about next lot of lifted or otherwise restrictions, for the final balance. I hope so much your confidence in my cruise going ahead brings luck - just keeping fingers crossed for now and praying this horrible virus goes very very soon for everyone. Stay safe.
  2. 🙂 Oh yes definitely... just hope, as after this cruise I'll be a retired from work pensioner, I'll be able to afford to cruise again!! 🙂
  3. Many thanks for replies, Agents have got back to me and said final balance must be 19th June (and basically blame P & O) so 19th June it is then. I just so hope it goes ahead, I don't mind mask wearing if it has to be or doing P & O excursions only - perhaps not everyone's cup of tea but I don't know any different and SO looking forward to retiring, the cruise & Norway. Fingers crossed, stay safe everyone ....
  4. Hi all, I'm new to cruising and new to this board tho I have been looking at posts recently so hope someone can offer advice. I have booked a cruise to Norway in October through a travel agent. I booked ages ago before Covid was even known about as my retirement treat to myself. I was asked last week to pay the final balance by 5 June but wasn't happy about this as I believe, from other posts on here and by doing some research, that final balances are now being asked for much later than usual. The agents replied saying they have changed the date to 19th June for me, but I feel this is still too early as we won't know about the next list of countries we are allowed to visit until at least 21st June when Boris is due to make new announcements. I have the money put by so that isn't the problem, but if my cruise is cancelled I don't really want to wait for months trying to get a refund so think paying it by 5th July, which is putting it back by a month from original date, would be fair and have again e mailed the agents to ask this. Am I being fair to ask this do you think? I will wait to see what they reply as surely after 21st June would be the most sensible? Many thanks for opinions...
  5. Hi Izzywiz - that's fantastic - thank you so much, your post is almost exactly what I would love to do and has certainly given me lots of information, recommendations & ideas including what I need to take that I may not have thought of - and even though I am just less than a year away from (fingers crossed - in fact everything crossed) going, I am already making lists and thinking about clothes I shall need etc. etc. 🙂 Its brilliant to read your diary and you have certainly made me feel excited to do and see the same now, I just hope and hope (of course) the cruise & excursions will go ahead in the way that they are described. I shall without doubt be returning to your post time after time, again thank you, it's fabulous. I shall now print out your packing list 🙂 but I guess it's a bit too early to get my suitcase out and start to pack ha ha 🙂. Stay safe and again many thanks x
  6. I'm booked on hol. ref R115, Next October - strange isn't it that the excursions are already showing, bookable, and 2 for Stavanger are showing sold out already. I'm going to book, at least it seems to be if cruise is cancelled or if I change my mind about any excursions I can cancel and get money back. Thank you for all replies and advice, much appreciated.
  7. Oh, just read above terrierjohn, now not sure whether to book in plenty of time or wait to see if they do get cheaper - what would people recommend? I wonder if the cruise will even go ahead next November....
  8. Thank you AndyMichelle & pete14 for the fast replies and good advice - much appreciated. The one that I thought was sold out was the Cable Car excursion in Tromso, but I now see that it isn't sold out. I shall take your advice and book early, as you say if anything goes wrong I shall get my money back and in these uncertain and strange times browsing and booking excursions will certainly give something to look forward to. Many thanks again and stay safe.
  9. Back at the beginning of this year before we knew about Covid I booked my first ever cruise which is going to be to Norway/Northern lights for my retirement treat in November 2021. Now trying to keep myself cheerful in these strange times I'm looking at shore excursions showing for my dates and wondering if I should book the ones I'd like to go on already? what would happen if the cruise doesn't go ahead? if I don't book could an excursion I'd like to do be fully booked by the time I try to book? Obviously right now I have no idea if the cruise will go ahead, and I am assuming if it doesn't then I would get my money back if I do pay for the excursions now. When I first booked my cruise I was looking at booking excursions through trip adviser (independently from P&O) but I'm thinking the best thing to do is stick with P&O for all excursions just in case there may be problems with social distancing, not being allowed to book other tour operators due to rules & regulations re Covid, etc. etc. One of the excursions I had hoped to do already I see says 'sold out' - would that be right this far ahead? All this is so new to me I'd love some advice please as to how soon to book excursions, am I being silly to be worried this far ahead? Should I wait? Go ahead now? Sorry for being a bit undecisive just unsure how excursions work as to being plenty of time to book or selling out way ahead of the cruise.... Many thanks for any advice 🙂
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