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  1. I’m considering the itinerary as my travel mate is a first time world cruiser. I think the itinerary is ideal for that, as it includes the likes of Australia and New Zealand, which HAL have missed out. Haven’t HAL sacked all their in house dancers and singers lately though? Isn’t entertainment more or less, “as you make it” according to reviews (sadly)? MSC aren’t American, and they have some of the best entertainment at sea out there currently. Your post slightly irked me, as you’ve judged a product before it’s even launched, based on it being “not American”.
  2. Hiya folks, Just looking for feedback here. Fred Olsen bought the Rotterdam this year, as most of you know, and today they’ve launched their 2022 World Cruise itenary and pricing for the ship (now renamed Borealis). It’s more or less the same itenary as Zaandam for 2022 world cruise, but half the price. Zaandam starts at £19,400. Borealis starts at £9,999. That’s a huge price difference for what is essentially the same ship and itenary. How many of you would consider 2022 with Fred Olsen on the old Rotterdam vs Zaandam with HAL? I’m t
  3. So the World Cruise 2022 has been announced for Borealis (ex MS Rotterdam), and prices start at just £9,999. I had a sneak peek over at HAL, and the sister ship to Borealis, MS Zaandam, has prices beginning at £19,400 for the 2022 World Cruise, and it’s more or less the same intenary...on the same class, layout and style of ship (except Borealis is slightly bigger and a bit faster too). It’s seriously tempting me to book now, as I’m fearful places will go fast. HAL seasoned world cruisers know this ship well, and might just be tempted to “cross over” to Fred to cruise o
  4. I wonder how the tender process will work with social distancing requirements, plus more passengers to move relatively, as opposed to how it would have been on the smaller ships?
  5. Interesting news here folks...they’re determined to continue with the CMV offering of ex-uk no fly cruises. https://apple.news/AQHqZ1xSpQMq4lwSdIFEG6w “Sky News has learnt that a number of assets belonging to Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV), which appointed administrators last month, have been sold to a new vehicle established by Christian Verhounig, its former chief executive.” "Having developed a much-loved brand over the past decade and hugely popular value-based niche no-fly cruise product, we have been simply overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and p
  6. I’m unsure about vibration, but both ships were built for world cruising, so I’d imagine they’re both still very sturdy. Perhaps minimal vibration when docking? If you like private space and a good view, there are 3 good options that most new passengers won’t be aware of until well into the cruise. The first is the crows nest. Once you’ve had breakfast in the Lido, come straight past the pool until you get to the entrance of the spa. Take the elevator or stairs one deck up, and you find yourself in the crows nest. It’s used as the nightclub. During the day h
  7. I haven’t sailed the Rotterdam or Amsterdam, but I have extensively sailed the Ryndam when she was with Holland America (identical layout, just slightly smaller in size), and I can say that there is plenty of outside space on these ships. Terrace balcony equivalents would be the Lanai cabins and veranda decks. The layout of these ships is honestly the best I’ve experienced; everything just ‘flows’. You never feel like you’re far from where you need to be, and everything feels like it’s ‘where it should be’. The gym, spa and salon give amazing morning workout v
  8. I’m saddened to learn that Michael Rosenburg passed away in 2015, survived by wife Jocelyn. The couple were a much loved instalment for every World Cruise on the QE2. I did a search for information here, but could find no posts, hence me making this one. Does anyone here remember them? Such a great couple. Very down to earth, and Michael had the driest sense of humour! He also loved his routine.
  9. I hear the Mauritania keeps children under control too, as well as Aquitaina. I’m interested in trying the Olympic, as I’ve heard good things, but the White Star Line website doesn’t seem to be loading. No idea why. 😂
  10. Such exciting news! Can’t wait for cruising to start back up again. Fred have bought the 2 flagships of the Holland America line, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. We’ll be booking as soon as we can. https://www.bonheur.no/latest-news1?SelectedRelease=http://publish.ne.cision.com/Release/GetDetail/7CDB812CA7F9D5C5
  11. Hey everyone I’ve had to register with a new username as I forgot my old password, but I’ve been browsing here for years. This latest story is very worrying, especially for those of you waiting for refunds :( https://apple.news/A4H5R1OQpTvuW6Hl3Un13yA
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