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  1. Thanks for your reply. We don’t really want to pay a balance as we know it will take quite a while to get a full refund. I think I’ll try and do what someone suggested with the credit card refund however if that doesn’t work then we’ll have to get FCC. The cruise is still being advertised at the moment but it must be a matter of time until it’s cancelled
  2. Thanks yes we did we pay on a credit card. Is it only possible to get a full refund through RC by paying the full balance and then them cancelling? At the moment the cruise is still being advertised on the website even thought we don’t think it will be going.
  3. Hi all, I’m booked on the 16th August 14 night anthem of the seas cruise, the balance is due this week but I can’t see the cruise going ahead. At the moment in Wales we can’t travel further than 5 miles from our home so I doubt very much we will be going on the cruise. I’ve asked for a refund for the deposit however I’ve been told I’m only entitled to future cruise credit or to move the cruise to next year to one of the same length, although I doubt we we’ll be cruising next year as we are getting married next August and my partner is a teacher so a cruise would have to be school holiday time, they also don’t have any 14 days cruises in the school holidays. Any advice appreciated, thanks!
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