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  1. I wish I had, would love to go to Oz, NZ, South Africa, South America although we are only in our 60's both of us still being able to fly helps. We still cruise quite a lot from Southampton but feel that lots of days are lost going from Southampton and it only takes you so far as my wife can only get 2 weeks off work at a time which is restricting.
  2. Great Bird Photos - Love the Hummingbirds Compared to yours this is my poor attempt at a Hummingbird
  3. Hot Air balloon over Luxor, Egypt
  4. Stormy day at Harbour Lights, Barbados
  5. Queen Hatshepsut's Temple near Luxor
  6. Lobster Lunch on Hog Island, Grenada
  7. Rusting Hull on the way to Bequia
  8. A Waterbus Ride down the Grand Canal, Venice
  9. Sorry Zap99 - looks like we posted at the same time. Great minds eh !
  10. Goat chasing off the gulls in Norway
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