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  1. This is sound advice in terms of caution. The one benefit I have (not sure if there is an equivalent in the USA) is that I can use a credit card to make the bookings. If I do this then I would get what's known as section 75 protection, meaning the card issuer becomes liable if the merchant is unable to honour the commitments of the contract. There are some family based in the USA, so I will chat to them as they may not have equivalent protections.
  2. Thank you all so much! I'm going to do a little research tonight, looking over the info you guys have posted and then I believe we'll be booking tomorrow. I've got a while to go before we sail, so I'll definitely be around learning from the community. Thanks again.
  3. Hi all, I'm about to book my first cruise and I'm excited, but I do need some advice. My choice of ship and destination has already been decided, as I'll be going with my girlfriend's family. It's going to be the Mardi Gras doing both East and West Carribbean consecutively. We've managed to get some decent quotes from an agency that cover our flights from the UK as well as a couple of nights in FL before travelling. I just want to check that our room selection seems ok (will just be myself and my gf in a cabin - others are booking for themselves). Now, I know it's a new
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