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  1. Just to be clear, I never said that I EXPECTED a refund or 125% FCC. I am interested in knowing if anyone has received either one under similar circumstances. I am really irritated with Celebrity/RCCL because they are the only one of the Big Three cruise lines that intends to sail out of Florida after September 15 and ours is scheduled for September 25. The others have said after September 30. If X had gone along with that we could have used the Lift & Shift option on a later cruise without having to pay the jacked-up prices that are currently shown. I think that it is highly likely t
  2. I previously posted on June 24: "I received word from Celebrity this morning that they are only cancelling sailings through September 15, 2020. Unfortunately, that means your sailing has not been cancelled as of yet. So if you would like, we can do the $700 refund and the $200 future travel certificate if you would like. The only other option is to pay in full and then way to see if it cancels. If that’s the case, then you could get 100% refund or a 125% future travel certificate." Well, we didn't want to pay any more to Celebrity considering what is going on, so we opted for the
  3. Comparable fare for 9-night cruise is $4,852. Comparable fare for 12-night cruise is $5,838. That is what I was concerned about. The 9-night price is more than $1,700 higher, so the L&S option would be a big savings. But I just know that no one in our group can make that decision in one day, if it is even offered to us. It seems to me that we will have to choose the $900 FCC. Oh well...
  4. Here is our cruise information. Comparable 2021 itineraries are 9-night and 12-night, so I suppose that is why we have been told that we cannot use L&S. Celebrity Equinox September 25, 2020 10-night Southern Caribbean Cruise 2B Veranda stateroom Choose 3 Perks: classic beverage package; $300 onboard credit, free gratuities, unlimited WiFi NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT: $450 per person Cruise fare: $1,319 per person Taxes/port expenses: $131.21 per person Travel protection: $109 per person
  5. We are getting closer to resolving this. After consulting with Celebrity our TA emailed the following: Here are the options we spoke about: · If you would like to cancel right now, you would get a refund on the travel insurance and then the $900 in the future travel credit · You can pay in full now and then wait to see if the cruise gets cancelled. If it gets cancelled, the options in blue will be available to you. We do not know if/when the cruise will get cancelled. · You can pay in full now and then decide to cancel up to 48 hours and ge
  6. Right, the couple was TOLD the FCC will be $700. They will be pleasantly surprised if it's actually $900. I emailed the FAQ sheet to them also so that they can follow along in my dealings with the TA. Once again, thanks for the help.
  7. That is what I understand. I emailed the link to the FAQ sheet to my TA suggest that she check with her Celebrity rep and then call me. I talked to one couple in our group who bailed out last week and got only $700 FCC. How can the Celebrity reservation let that happen? Can a TA just enter whatever amount she has been told to or whatever she understands? I sure hope not.
  8. Interesting. So was your deposit $250 and you can get 100% FCC? In our case the deposit was $900 for two and we are being told that we would get only a $700 FCC. It is my understanding that which ever option is picked, the booking must be made by this August 1. Another roll of the dice.
  9. Thanks. I was correcting my error at the same time you were responding. Sorry.
  10. EDIT: Forget this post. I just realized it applies to Celebrity. My bad! One other question. This FAQ sheet is from the Royal Caribbean website. Do you know if Celebrity uses the same spreadsheet and follows the same policies?
  11. Thanks. I want to share a post by member Ourusualbeach in a different thread. It is in reference to contacting our TA. The spreadsheet information is very helpful. Refer them to the CWC policy on Celebrity Commitment. Unfortunately thee big box TA's are dealing with dozens of cruise lines and other vacation options and don't know the policies as well as travel agents who specialize in one or two cruise lines. Here is the link to the quick FAQ sheet. L&S is an option http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/ITK/CEL_GSS_CWC_OverviewGrid_Jun
  12. Heeee's back! Before I request a TA/Celebrity conference call, I want to know if this FAQ sheet assumes that we have already made the final payment, which is due tomorrow. We do not intend to give them any more money for a long time, and until it is proven that cruising is safe again. A quick response by you or any other CC guru will be most appreciated.
  13. Thanks for that phone number. However, we booked through a TA and it is my understanding that none of the cruise companies will talk to us customers if we booked that way. The stock answer is: Talk to your TA. Have a nice day. Click. True?
  14. Thanks. Just want to have my facts straight before I go into battle.
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