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  1. Once again, I get great advice from the boards. Thanks. We will sign up for it if it looks like it will be a clear day tomorrow
  2. I am booked on this 3 day pre cruise tour which includes a 4.5 hour Denali Natural History tour. For $75 per person, I can upgrade to the Tundra Wilderness Tour that lasts 6-8.5 hours depending on what wildlife we see. Obviously, there is no guarantee we see any wildlife and because we are on rough roads, they use school buses. My question is, has anyone been on this tour and how bad is it with the school buses? Which excursion should I pick?
  3. Trivial question..: do they have Truvia or Stevia in the MDR?
  4. Thanks to all your responses
  5. So C1 is better than C3?
  6. What is the difference between C1, C2 and C3?
  7. Hopefully, you will find that it was well earned. A good guide makes all the difference and from the advice I have received on the Cruise Critic boards, I’m expecting some amazing experiences.
  8. What is appropriate for the whale watching tour?
  9. We are signed up for Glacier Wind Charters. They are highly recommended on these boards but only take 6 people on their boat. I believe they have 2 boats
  10. ascho

    A day in Anchorage

    Thanks. We already have reservations for the Haute Quarter Grill. They both look great. Maybe lunch at Simon and Seaforts for the view
  11. ascho

    A day in Anchorage

    These are all great suggestions. Thanks
  12. ascho

    A day in Anchorage

    We are also coming from the eastern time zone. Thank you for the suggestion.
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