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  1. Have a fab cruise hope this lovely weather keeps shining for all of you on board! 😎 🥂
  2. Thank you to Kernow and everyone else who have taken the time to post lots of information, the daily programs, menus, pictures etc for this 1st 7nt cruise. Can't wait for ours on 3rd July! 😀🚢
  3. Yes I just don't want to get caught out. I order those test things from the government website which arrived yesterday. 7 in a pack so hubby and I will test weekly then the Friday a.m before we take the long drive down to Southampton. We have the 11am slot to check in also.
  4. Personally I can't wait to get on board and I don't mind if there is 700 of us or 2000 i just want to be on a cruise ship again. We aren't planning to get off but to just enjoy the ship drink and be merry 😃. We are now in the process of isolation at home to make sure we are covid free before we drive down on the 2nd July. We are both double jabbed. That may sound extreme but with the current figures on an upward trend I am not risking anything. We've waited a long time like everyone else and now getting very very excited indeed! 23days to go! 😃 Thank you Kernow for all the info you've po
  5. That's what I'm thinking too. You would hope that they are restricting numbers till they have a definite go ahead from the government. I booked ours within a week of these cruises being release and I have already got my tickets etc. I wonder what they will do if they are still banned from Greenock on our sailing.
  6. We always try and go for these bigger balconies for the space but we haven't had one with a big overhang before but looking at your pic Stu it's not bad at all. Can't wait to get on this ship!😀
  7. I'm hoping so as I know deck 14 has cabins on and that looks like deck 14. So the one on deck 13 might not be as bad or so dark. So we are going to stick with our cabin and hope for the best.
  8. Oh thank you for the extra pics. I can now show hubby and see what he thinks. 🙂
  9. Hi that cabin you said you wouldn't choose are you referring to the one at the top? It looks so dark up there. The only reason I'm asking is we've booked 13235 on 3rd July for the Balcony space which looks like that but looking at that I may now change our cabin. Was this towards the back of the ship. We like our cabins at the back or at front. Its good to see ship photos in real time. Thank you 😊
  10. Does the SG have any idea what it's taken for cruise lines to get up and running the planning and sorting the tours out etc? It doesn't make any sense especially when you can drive all the way up the whole of the country to visit without being tested once and have a wander round see the sights etc. To give MSC that short notice is not good as they have proven time and time again they know what they are doing in regards the covid bit on their ships.
  11. Hi all ok I have just got of the phone to the TA and I ended up speaking to a manager because I have not only stressed other people out i'm now a complete wreck! My cruise on the 3rd of July has NOT been changed! It is still the Virtuosa. Nor has my September one. The TA had made a mistake. I have 3 other cruises with them which are all in the air but I can assure you I will not be going with them again no matter how good their prices are. You can't do that to people. They gave me options and everything and I gave the go ahead to swap ships. As for msc a complaint is in too. I am so sorry to e
  12. I've just got of the phone to msc cause everyone was worrying me that they had not heard so just spoke to someone else at msc and got told cruise has not been changed!! So I've told them to listen to my call this morning as I was told July sailings onwards. So now on the phone in a queue to TA. My apologies for this thread but I was only going on the information I was provided by TA and Msc this morning.
  13. It was July onwards. I've accepted the transfer on the July one to the Seaview with the obc but I'm not sure what to do with my September one yet. I was looking forward to new ship etc. I got call from the TA this morning around 11ish like all of your comments I didn't believe it or her because msc have made a big fuss with this ship in the UK and I told her I wanted to hear it from the horses mouth, so I rang them and msc confirmed it.
  14. I'm still waiting for my ffc for my magnifica cruise which was meant to be departing this Sunday. I was told beginning of May now being told sometime before the end of May. So frustrating.
  15. I couldn't believe it myself to be honest but it's true. I phoned msc up to hear it from them and they confirmed it. So TA was correct. I just want a break I have got 4 other cruises in the air at the moment with them all being swapped about left right and centre.
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