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  1. We've been on the Magnifica and going again in Nov this Yr and next May. Personally we have not had any food issues on any of the 8 cruises we have done with msc and I do have a food allergy too but the food from our point of view is ok with plenty to choose from and yes the pizza is the best and is always freshly made. There maybe some people who would say we are lucky then that we have not had a bad experience with the food bit of the cruise. Food is the not the be and end all for us personally. We don't choose a cruise based on food reviews. If we have something and we don't like it we just don't have it again and choose something different but that's just us. Everyone one is different with what their likes and dislikes are and what their expectations are too.
  2. Hi i'm cruising out of Southampton on 30.11.2021 and I have spoken to msc 3 times this week and spoken to 3 different people and all saying the same thing regarding pcr and yes we have get one done within 72hrs of your embarkation time. This is what is on their website travelling Northern Europe under health and safety protocols. Hope this helps 😊 COVID-19: MEASURES TO EMBARK FOR NON SCHENGEN COUNTRIES For all sailings in the upcoming months till march 31st 2022, please note that all Guests will need to follow all of these requirements to be allowed on board: All Guests (above 2 years old) need to provide a certificate of a negative RT-PCR test taken within 72 hours before embarkation All Guests (12 years old and over) have to be fully vaccinated (i.e full set of vaccine shots received more than 14 days before the start of the cruise, with an approved Covid-19 vaccine: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson) The original test and vaccination certificate must be presented at the terminal (paper or electronic format) and must be in one of the following languages: English, Italian, German, French or Spanish. The COVID 19 test certificate must contain: guest’s personal data (verifiable with the other travel documents), date of the test, identification / contact details of the centre that performed the analysis, technique used and negative test result.
  3. Hi Kernow I would like to know the same thing as booked on Magnifica again 3rd time! on 1st May and we have got cabin 9054. Like you have seen no pics of these cabins anywhere so it would good to know if anyone has stayed in either or has pictures to share. We got included in the price premium extra for drinks but I think that was on promotion as booked this cruise really early. I hoping all areas of the spa will be open by then but again like you not sure what extras we get as no yc on here. When I go on 30/11 I will ask on board and see what we get 😊
  4. Hi Kernow yes going on the Magnifica from Southampton 30.11. My TA seems to think I don't need a test and will be tested at the port like they did on the Virtuosa. Msc when I called yesterday said 72hrs a pcr test which is what is stated on the website at the moment under Northern Europe non schengan as that what the uk falls under but now people are getting emails saying 48hrs it's so confusing so I'm just going to wait till mid Nov but I will update of course. 😊
  5. I haven’t recieved this but if they have sent it out mine will come via my TA at some point. It's change again. I phone them up today about my voyager status and at the same time asked about tests from Southampton in Nov and the agent said definitely to be double vaccinated and a pcr test 72hrs before but now it looks like you can do either a pcr or antigen 48hrs before if I'm reading that right? I have just checked the travelling in Northern Europe bit non Schengen on their website and it still says pcr 72hrs? Totally confused now as to what I need to sort out nearer the time. 🤔
  6. I've just read through all the posts on the testing topic and it's so confusing. I have also read what's on the msc uk site too still confused 😕 I am on the Magnifica end of Nov 7 nights Southampton back to Southampton and my agent said i just needed to be double vaccinated which I am and that they will do test at port which they did when I went on the Virtuosa in July and also on board. However just seen this on mscs website (apologies if this has been mentioned and I'm repeating) For all sailings in the upcoming months, starting from 27th November 2021 till March 31st 2022, please note that all Guests will need to follow all of these requirements to be allowed on board: All Guests (2 years old and over) need to provide a certificate of a negative RT-PCR test taken within 72 hours before embarkation All Guests (12 years old and over) have to be fully vaccinated (i.e full set of vaccine shots received more than 14 days before the start of the cruise, with an approved Covid-19 vaccine: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson) It changes quicker than I can say msc and tests! I think I'm going to just cover all areas and do a pcr with certificate and Antigen test with certificate, a quick NHS swab test I can do at home produce my app with my vaccinations and then I'm covered if they change their minds 2days before I go! So frustrating.
  7. I am booked on the Seaside for 24/09/22 and I only found out that the itinerary had changed last night by mistake checking my other msc cruises on my account. I phoned my travel agent this morning and they know nothing about it and I had to tell them what had changed! This was for my daughter 21st birthday and I'm not impressed 😒 At least I can see what they are going to offer in advance as your cruise is exactly the same as mine but a different date. I share your frustration & pain.
  8. There are 3 dots in the right hand corner of your post if you click on that it give you the option to edit, share and report but I think there is a time limit on editing after posting which is why you can't edit now. Yes there are some negative reviews regarding MSC mainly to do with customer service but when you board you will enter the heart of the ship and it will be one of those wow moments especially when you see the led dome above. If like me you'll stand there (and get in the way of people trying to get on 😁) and wonder if your on a cruise ship. The staff are lovely I've done 8 msc cruises now and not had problems with staff on board. I've been on their smaller ships and their big ships and every ship just sparkles. They are so clean and stylish. I have added a few pictures a sample of life aboard. (Sorry I'm no photographer but you'll get the idea) the photos do look like I'm the only person on board but I took these on our first cruise aboard her when there was less than 1300 people on board plus as you can see the weather was a bit dull. Our balcony cabin was on deck 13 13325 which has a good size balcony.
  9. Do you mean the MSC Virtuosa? The Ventura is P&O ship. There is a P&O ship docked in Belfast at the moment and has been there for a while now called the Azura. The Virtuosa she's lovely ship. I've sailed on her twice.
  10. From what I heard there was a drunken bust up and this family were removed from the ship in Scotland but they had got on in Southampton. Daughter and I were in the buffet studying the men in kilts with their bagpipes ( as you do😉) who were getting ready to give us a send off for our departure and the next thing our view was interrupted by police escorting this family off the ship! Well let's hope for your next cruise the Italians lift the quarantine.😁
  11. Tony if msc with some miracle says you can gift your points please think of me😇 I am so so close to Diamond now 😃
  12. Yes enjoyed last cruise with daughter and yes very busy and very exciting watching people get taking off the ship by the police! Yes fun times😄 wow you got interesting times in the next few days to see if your on cruise A or cruise B. Yes is it us or the Italians that are making up their minds regarding quarantine? You'll know soon I hope. Which ever cruise you end up on I'm sure you will have a fab time.😎We were going out on the Seaview to the Caribbean from Barcelona in Nov daughter and I but we moved the cruise because of all these changes and I think yesterday some of the Caribbean islands went red so a good judgement call to move cruise to nxt year instead. Anyway take care enjoy the med 😀
  13. You also get points for spending on board and any excursions you pay for so that would be added on too.
  14. Hi Carole Hope you and Mick are well. Just seen your message to Tony and I hope you don't mind me butting in. Both of my cruises points have now gone on. My TA got in touch with msc to get my points added on from our cruise 3rd July ready for the 24th July but I then had to email msc for my 24th. Which they responded back to me within 2/3 days and added the points on but they haven't extended my expiry date but not going to worry about that till my May cruise. The email address is mscclubuk@msccruises.co.uk should you need to chase. Hope you RCI goes well. Take care Suzanne
  15. Which ever you decide I'm sure you will have a fab time. The Magnifica was due an upgrade last year not sure now if this is still taking place or not. They were going to stretch her to put more cabins in. The Magnifica has no Yacht Club so you can get to a small opening at the front of the ship and you can get to the back as well. I'm looking forward to sailing back on her. The last couple of cruises we have done we have been on their biggest ships and don't get me wrong we had fab times on all of them but I do prefer the mid size class. Having said that going on the Seaside Sept 2022 but my daughter chose that for her 21st but she likes the newer bigger ships. The bigger ships are very get on board and wow but so are the mid size in their own way, they all have that Italian style and if there is one thing I can say they are all so clean they all sparkle with or without crystal staircases! The covid thing is so confusing in the UK one min we can go somewhere the next we can't and our government changes its mind quicker than I can change a pair of shoes!
  16. We have sailed on her and enjoyed sailing on her. Not to big and not to small. Plenty of places to sit with bars in the evening with entertainment or indoors if the weather is bad unlike some of the bigger ships which have lost indoor space to sit due to domes and shopping and restaurants areas. 2 main restaurants, buffet and a couple of speciality restaurants. A good theatre and a good out door pool area and an indoor pool area too. We had a balcony right at the back deck 11 which was lovely. We are going back on the Magnifica on 1st May 12nights and we have booked an aurea suite this time towards the front. I personally wouldn't be going back on her if I didn't like her the 1st time round but what we like might not be what you like. A couple pictures of the Magnifica which we took when on our med cruise. She takes about 3000 paxs give or take so mid size.
  17. Don't forget our Virtuosa cruise would of earned double points. However I seemed to have extra too not going to complain as the more points for me the better as now done 8 msc cruises to get to where I am and finally I will be Diamond/Black after our Magnifica cruise in May nxt year finally 😃 so hence why I'm going to wait till after that cruise and see if it sorts itself out re expire date etc.
  18. Hi Tony I didn't think to check the expiry date as I thought it would be updated when they added the points on and your right I've just checked mine and still says the same expiry before my 2 cruises this year and it should reset with each cruise and points added. As for the sailing list mine doesn't show the 2 Virtuosa ones for points but my points have been added on for both cruises. My expiry date is jan23 so I'll see what happens when I go on the Magnifica in May and see if anything changes then if not I'll take it up with msc after that.
  19. Hi Tony I emailed msc re my voyager points when last spoke to you which was Tuesday this week and they got back to me today to let me know they have now updated my points and sure enough went online and they had.
  20. Planning somewhere nice?😎 I've got all my cruises booked for next year now. We were going on the Seaview in Nov over to the Caribbean but MSC put the date for people in the UK to travel in the Med off till end of Aug(we were sailing from Barcelona)and payment for that cruise was end July so we've moved it over to the Seaside next September instead. I will let you know if I have any success getting my points from 24th added on as like you I like things to be done and dusted so I know where I am. 😀
  21. Hi Tony hope you are both well😀 Did you get your points added on in the end after that email? Make sure they doubled up as well as it was a voyager discounted one. I got my agent to email msc for the one we did and got my double points added in time for the 2nd cruise but my 24th July cruise points are not added yet so going to be sending an email today. Take care
  22. I think they have pulled the plug on the uk website in Naples went for their afternoon nap and forgot to plug it back in because uk website is down and has been all afternoon and this evening.
  23. 50€=£39pp just letting you know. Done 2 Virtuosa cruises last month both times £39
  24. Oh wow what is wrong with some people. There was definitely a family escorted off on our cruise in Greenock 28th july. Well lets hope msc have now barred the people in the wrong from travelling in future.
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