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  1. Well, it's the18th of August and guess what? Yup, received our refund, actually a few days early. I would like to think that MSC was up front about the refund being processed 90 days after sail date but the dates don't line up. I think it was because we had notified our credit card company's dispute resolution department. After providing them with all the details and email stating that the refund "was in process," the credit card company went after them and all of the interest owing on the outstanding amount which was a considerable sum. I didn't pay any interest and received my full credit. M
  2. Thank you for the updates on what is happening in your particular situations. Lies seem to be an integral part of the travel industry - especially cruising. We haven't been on that many - 7 and only in the Caribbean, Mexico and Panama. This was to be our first venture to Europe. I have circled August 18 and will see what happens. MSC will never put anything in writing so it is difficult to hold them accountable.
  3. And it could have been such a simple answer.....Our travel agent reached out to her consortium who then reached out to the VIP of sales for MSC and they were told that the refunds will be processed 90 days from the sail date regardless of when it was cancelled. Why did they not tell us that in March??? So keep you eye on that date.- August 18. I will let you know what happens.
  4. Thanks so much. Really appreciate it.
  5. I can read it fine. Thanks so very much. Can you see any where where it says the amount of time to expect a refund? Also, would you have the criteria when a passenger cancels? I know I am asking a lot. I really a appreciate the time, effort and assistance that you have given me. Sincerely.
  6. Actually, if anyone has written documentation of the MSC refund policy prior to January 2020 and could post it for me, it would certainly help to make our case with our credit card company. Thanks so much!
  7. Dear Yorkshirephil. It would be appreciated if you could post the terms and conditions for me. We booked through a TA and she relied on their website for terms & conditions. I am assuming that you booked your cruise prior to Feb. 2020 and therefore, the terms & conditions that you have were in effect and quite different from the ones that the MSC cruise lines is posting now. In order to put a dispute through on our credit card, they are asking for the terms & conditions in place when we made the booking - back in 2019. It would really help and we would be so appreciative. If you ca
  8. It was supposed to be a 'special celebration' - 45 years married. We were to cruise with MSC in Italy with our brother and sister- in-law (also celebrating 45 years married) and my mother-in-law, 94 years of age. She wanted to take her sons and their spouses on a special trip. Unfortunately due to Covid - 19, we cancelled our cruise for May 20, 2020 on March 10th. Our TA did all the notifications and we were told we would receive a 100% refund. It has been 123 days since our cancellation and 53 days since the scheduled departure date of the cruise. WE HAVE RECEIVED NOTHING! We have contacted M
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