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  1. Travelcat2, you are correct regarding our summer of 2021 and I really appreciate your note back. I guess my issue is I wasn't warned of the risk when I rebooked the cruise using the FCCs. I went back through my emails and paperwork and that risk wasn't pointed out until I tried to get the refund. I still may have rebooked but at least I would have made the decision with my eyes wide open. Water under the bridge at this point. My biggest fear is that Regent will be one of the cruise lines who doesn't make it through the current crisis so I think we are going to look for a non-Alaskan cruise itinerary asap as you suggested.
  2. Went through a local TA. Last year we booked two staterooms on a Regent Alaska cruise for July (over $30K). Final payment to Regent was made in February. In April, Regent cancelled the cruise. At that time, Regent was hoping to resume Alaska cruises in August. Used credit from July cruise and rebooked for the August cruise. In June Regent cancelled all Alaska cruises for the season. Since our 2021 summer is already filled we promptly requested a refund. Regent has denied our refund request, and denied our appeal, arguing that FCCs were used for the second booking and FFCs aren’t refundable. They are only offering another FCC at this point. I am beyond frustrated.
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