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  1. We are at Day 161 and have not received a full refund. In July 2020 Amex facilitated my successful dispute of the final installment payment that we made in August 2019, refunding approximately 70% of the total cost of the cruise. I was unable to dispute earlier installment payments because too much time had passed. If you file a dispute with Amex, be clear that the dispute is for services paid for and not received, provide documentation supporting the amount paid to Crystal, a copy of their refund policy, and evidence of your unsuccessful attempts to get the promised refund from Cr
  2. Great suggestion, will do! Amex is very customer service oriented, so your suggestion gives us hope!
  3. We waited until Crystal cancelled our cruise (2 April 2020). Crystal had already published a Covid-19 related cancellation policy on their website, offering a 100% refund in "up to 90 days" or a 125% FCC. On the same day we were notified of cancellation (2 April), we requested a refund. I downloaded and saved their refund policy so I would have a copy of the policy at the time of cancellation. On Day 95 after requesting a refund there was still no indication when our credit card would be credited for the cruise, so we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Today is Day 104
  4. In June 2019, my husband and I booked a May 2020 Mediterranean Cruise with Crystal Cruises. Understandably, our cruise was cancelled on April 2nd. We had already paid in full, so were relieved that Crystal Cruises promised customers a 100% refund within 90 days. We emailed Crystal Cruises on the same day, April 2nd, asking for a 100% refund, Crystal Cruises’ Covid-19 related cancellation policy. Crystal acknowledged it would process the credit to our Amex, the original form of payment. We are now at day 98, with no idea if and when we’ll get our refund. We’ve contacted Crystal multiple times o
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