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  1. Thank you! Now I’m curious...what is the “hump”?
  2. Has anyone stayed in room 9244 aboard the Encore? If so, do you have pictures of the room, the balcony and the view? I know that most rooms look the same, but seeing the actual room photos or videos would be nice.
  3. Thanks so much!!!! That did it 🙂
  4. We have the NCL Adult Beverage Package. Where do we get the drinks from? I see a multitude of bars, but we don’t want to get charged for drinks that are supposed to be free. The last thing we need is to go home with a monster bar tab! The more info that you can give me the better, folks!
  5. Hello everyone! Has anyone ever stayed on deck 8 on the Bliss or Encore? There aren’t a lot of rooms on that deck since it’s occupied mostly by bars, restaurants and shops. I was curious if there are doors separating the rooms from the hustle and bustle of the businesses. I would love it if you have pictures, too!
  6. Is there a set amount for the diviation fee?
  7. Thanks for all of your help! Since you seem to be well versed in cruising, can you explain this to me? “$50 Shore Excursion Credit per tour for first Guest on cruise reservation.” We have 5 ports that we’re docking at. Will we receive $50 for each one? I’m assuming “tour” means port, but NCL’s language can be a little tricky sometimes.
  8. We are being charged $80 total for airport transfers. I’m also reading that we need to book transfers. Which is it? How does this work? Will a driver be at the airport to greet us and take us to the dock? What if we come in the night before?
  9. We picked the option to include the airfare for our trip that we booked on NCL. We would like to arrive at our port city the day before rather than panicking that our flight(s) might be delayed. How do we arrange it with NCL to fly us down the day before? The cruise is in 2022.
  10. We have booked a 7 night cruise to the eastern Caribbean in 2021. NCL offers excursion credits and specialty dining packages for guests 1 & 2 for free. How much are the excursion credits per port? Is the dollar amount for our cabin or for each of us? How do the specialty dining packages work?
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