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  1. Based on one of the hotel recommendations by cruisemom42 , and much research, we will be staying at the Hotel Ponte Sisto for the first three nights of our stay before we move to Marriott Gran Flora where our 3 day Pre-cruise tour has us staying . The hotel looks lovely and exactly what I was looking for and the ideal location for our plans for our first few days.
  2. Looked at both Hotels. Would love to stay at Senato but right now they have a pay in full non refundable policy so we will wait and see. Alberto Santa Chiara is not booking into next year yet. Also looked at Hotel Locarno which seems lovely. will have to do more research on that one My hope is to book something in next few months without penalty and then be able to move it to following year if cruise is cancelled. Would also love any other recommendations. Thank you.
  3. Still trying to hopeful and optimistic about European cruise next summer. I always say that planning is the best part of the journey and if we can’t go next year my plans will be done for 2022. Only way to look at it! With that said, we will be spending a few days in Rome pre cruise. Thinking of using Rome in Limo for tours based on recommendations but hotels really baffle me. Looked at Sina Bernini and Hotel Santa Maria (based on trip advisor reviews) but first timers to Rome and trying to research hotels. Any recommendations? Thanks
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