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  1. It was the special they were offering. I went to book the RU2 (free drink package) and the agent suggested the other special ( i think it was actually $250 p/person OBC) . For us it was a better deal. This applied to the $600 I already had from a cancelled cruise due to Covid. Now I have $1100 OBC. I literally get emails from Carnival daily with different specials going on. I think they are trying to load up their ships for when the crusing begins. I have no problem helping them out with that.
  2. $500. The cost of the drink package for two is probably of more value over the length of the cruise. But not being a heavy drinker and long port days, for me it is better to get the $500 OBC and purchase out of pocket ( and apply OBC ).
  3. Was going to book the ru2 package but once I did the math (not a real big drinker here) , the on board credit was a better deal for me.
  4. Explain to me the mixer packages. I see them where it shows a bottle and 6 sodas for 80-100 bucks depending on the liquor. Does this mean they give you six small bottles (mixer like airplane) and six sodas for use in your room? Someone here who does not consume much alcohol but was curious as to what this means when I see you can't purchase bottled liquor on cruise for consumption.
  5. Great- Thanks for the quick response.
  6. So I have onboard credit for an upcoming cruise. I was thinking a bout prepurchasing some excursions or drink packages before I cruise. Will I pay for these now or can I wait until onboard to use the OBC to pay? I would prefer to book now to ensure what I get but want to use my credit for these.
  7. Want to just get off the ship, walk to a beach lounge chair, be able to get food/ drink, and be close to bathroom. Is this all possible and what are cost for a couple of umbrellas/lounge chairs? Is the lunch really free for Carnival Passengers?
  8. When you say head to the right. This is walking from the ship towards the beach???
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