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  1. Heart of the glacier is available on the July 20 departure also.
  2. We also received the same email from Viking last night. There's definitely some major damage control going on behind the scenes. I hope everyone got the excursions they wanted. I want to extend a major thank you to @Peregrina651 and the other people on the first 3 sailings for the screen shots, spreadsheets, pdf's and other suggestions you posted before yesterday. Thanks to all of you we knew prices and some ideas of times and my wife and I knew in advance exactly what we wanted to book when the system was working. In the end we got what we wanted and I hope the frustrations of yesterda
  3. What's the best single malt in the house? After a very trying but finally successful day booking our excursions for Iceland, I really need a shot. Heck, just give me the whole bottle. Packing can wait for now.
  4. After a very trying day we were able to book all the excursions that we had on our list except the included walking tour "Heimaey on foot" which was not a big deal (we're doing the other included tour instead and skipping the follow up hike). It took 2 chat sessions with some incredibly helpful agents to straighten everything out and to get a refund for double charges. I really hope Viking learned something today and gets things fixedd for the future. This was not Viking at their best by a long shot. And after all that, I'm finally getting very excited for our July 20 sail date to get her
  5. Well at this point I have no idea if we have the 3 excursions we put in our cart and are showing as charges twice on our credit card are even booked. When we intermitantly can get into the excursions the ones we want showed in our cart and need payment. Our cart shows 3 items in it but going to checkout shows our cart as empty. Our calendar shows the excursions with dotted lines around them. Beyond frustrating and NOT what I expect from Viking.
  6. Anyone who was able to see and put anything into their cart is way ahead of us. We keep getting error messages or no shore excursions to book messages. I feared this would happen when they opened up all cruises left at one time. Arrrgh
  7. Jim I actually agree with you up to a point. There's enough vax/ antivax and lockdown/ open up threads on CC now so lets skip that debate here. However, The question of allowing non-vaccinated passengers to sail on Viking cruises is one area I will not compromise on. Its not that I'm really worried about getting covid from one of them, its the risk of an outbreak among them that disrupts my vacation. I'm not willing to be on this years version of the "magical mystery tour" that Heidi13 and others took last year on the world cruise. We have 2 back to back cruises booked tha
  8. While Countries requiring vaccination for passengers and crew entering their countries may let Viking and other cruise lines off the hook for setting a vaccine requirement as a condition to sail with them, is that really the best way to set corporate policy? This is a real dilemma for the cruise lines. No matter what Viking decides they are sure to upset some percentage of their customers. We have 2 back to back cruises booked with Viking for this summer and another set next year. There is always a chance that something could happen (bad weather, noro, personal medical emergen
  9. @Heidi13 Thank you for your very detailed explanation of how a ships safety procedures are developed. When Viking introduced their health and safety measures in December of 2020, they were very progressive in having arguably the best program in the cruising industry. They were using every known procedure and even leading the industry by having testing available on all their ships. However any safety program needs to evolve over time as new knowledge is gained and new methods become available. Vaccines were still in development and testing when their program was announced and it was not r
  10. I would like to urge anyone who reads these boards to email Viking at tellus@viking.com. They will reach out to you and genuinely seem interested on getting peoples thoughts. The rep I talked too actually listened and asked for my thoughts on a few things. It wasn't just a one minute call thanking me for my email, it was a real discussion about a number of issues.
  11. No. We discussed making a number of excursions much longer to fill the time spent in port or possibly having a morning and different afternoon included tour available. Like you I have absolutely no interest on just floating around the ocean. My wife and I cruise for the ports and prefer as few sea days as possible. We also discussed arranging private tours or allowing free time in ports if everyone on board is vaccinated but I got the feeling that is less likely at first.
  12. Well I got my call from Viking today in response to my email I sent. I had a very nice conversation and told him that I feel that vaccination of all passengers and crew are necessary for us to cruise safely. He told me that Viking has a committee that is very seriously considering requiring vaccination to travel and that he felt it was likely that it will be adopted. One issue he mentioned was how they could determine who has actually been vaccinated and avoid people trying to get by with some faked vaccine document. We also discussed shore excursions and I told him that a 2-3 hour tour a
  13. We have until next month to cancel our trip this summer and receive a full refund. If Viking calls me I'll tell them that we will cancel also if vaccines aren't required. We have a few bucket list trips left on our list including the back to back cruises we have booked this summer with Viking. I really want the best chance that we can do all the planned itineraries on this trip. Anything can happen that can interrupt a trip at any time but a vaccine at least reduces the chance that covid is the cause.
  14. Well add me to the group that emailed Viking to express my desire that vaccinations should be required. I completely understand people expressing the their opposition to any restrictions and I'm not thrilled with masks and shore excursion limitations either but I understand the need for them during the start up of operations. I'm really wanting to start traveling again but only if we can do it as safely as possible. I have no desire to be stranded on the boat looking for a port due to an outbreak of covid onboard. Adding a vaccine requirement is the last step for viking to adopt. It will
  15. Isolation cabins totally makes sense and I believe that was already announced. Inevitably, someone will get sick with something (covid, noro or whatever). I was thinking 600 passengers to restart but I like your idea of 500 better! I think I'll include that in my email to Viking also.
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