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  1. My travel agent called Regent to find out why my flights were changed and got some rather confusing answers. Regent did say the new flights they gave us wouldn't work so Regent rescheduled those flights for the November cruise. This only adds to the mystery of whether cruise is still on or not.
  2. So the process starts again. Just checked my flights to BCN for the Barcelona to Miami cruise in November 2020. My selected, paid for and approved flights were changed on my American Airlines app. They even changed airlines for one of our flight segments and to a time that we will miss our connection by 3 hours in LHR. So, I went to the American Airlines website and checked the confirmation number, it came up "We couldn't display trip details". This is pretty much what happened last May just before our cruise got cancelled. Suggest people check their flight for the November cruises and s
  3. "I was very encouraged by the data and information and thought it would be encouraging to others. If you do not find it encouraging, fine but do not question my source of data. If I state it is from the CDC then it is from CDC.gov and not my opinion". I appreciate the information you provided. Thank you.
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