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  1. Hope this works..... the last one. Just a little movie of MS Amsterdam passing SS Rotterdam leaving for dock. Enjoy. IMG_1489 1.mp4
  2. And as promised some extra pictures of MS Amsterdam near the cruise terminal at Rotterdam and a couple of MS Amsterdam in dock at Rotterdam Botlek. Maybe not the best pictures but I do hope Some of you will enjoy them. The pictures were made very close to the place where Rotjeknor made his.
  3. Thanks for your commends. I will share some more pictures of the Amsterdam by this weekend latest (have to work now). I will also include some pictures of her sailing in and out Rotterdam City cruise terminal.
  4. I made a harbour tour yesterday and made some pictures from the Damen Shipyard at the Botlek Rotterdam from the Rotterdam and the Amsterdam. Amsterdam was still in dock, Rotterdam was in the water again and was getting a technical inspection and a paint job (a lighter blue on the hull). The Holland Amica Line letters were already gone. Both ships looked very bad (like it has been told here before) from a long period at sea with no cleaning and a just a little maintenance. So sad to see them there. A couple of months ago they were busy cruising and being a safe home for a lot o
  5. Hi everyone, I am just a lurker of this board but as a fan of HAL I want to share a picture with you from MS Amsterdam leaving the cruise terminal in Rotterdam (and passing SS Rotterdam) this morning. Photo taken from my house just near the river Maas. Hope some of you will enjoy.
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