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  1. Yup, it's like they heard me! Booking an 8 night now 🙂
  2. Any thoughts on why Celebrity has not yet released their summer 2022 Caribbean sailings? They have Europe, Bermuda, Alaska, and Galapagos but no Caribbean yet! It's strange because Princess and Norwegian have released theirs, and you think they would want to stay competitive. Just (not so) patiently waiting for those to come out!
  3. Hi all- My family is sailing on the Equinox in July of 2021 and we have booked a few Celebrity excursions. I called Celebrity yesterday and asked how to make sure two cabins were on the same excursion and she said to buy separately and make sure we had the same time selected. I noticed when online there was a spot to add people outside your cabin to the reservation and when I tried to do that, it could not find the reservation. I told this to the customer service agent and she said i didn't need to worry about that. Our connection was really bad and she was kind of short with me, so I ju
  4. The price drop I see is for a 1a cabin, so the same category. Thank you for your help! This community is great that y'all are willing to ask these clarification questions for a random internet person!
  5. Yes! As far as I can tell the cabin category and all perks are the same with the dummy booking price being the one with the cheaper fare.
  6. Thank you, Bo for the info! As far as I can tell the perks are the same or under a group fare. I'll have her confirm. Good point! Yes, third person dropped down from $1,853 to $1,703. Love those sales though, got a great one for March 2021, but not sure I'll be able to go since I work for a University and that will be during the spring semester and their covid policies may still be in place. Fingers crossed.
  7. Hi everybody! I am booked on a sailing in 2021 on the Equinox in a 1a cabin. We have 3 people in the room and 3 perks of internet, drinks, and tips included. I checked out the price for the sailing now under the current sale, which is the same perks, for the cabin one door down, which is also a 1a. The total price for the trip is $650 less and the base fare moved from $2,379/pp for guests 1 and 2 to $2,129/pp. So the issue is that I asked my travel agent to refare the trip and she is saying that Celebrity cannot do that because this sale is already applied to this res
  8. Awesome! Right now it is only one perk of the beverage package, but hopefully a sale will pop up eventually to get another perk! Fingers crossed. Although I can't complain, we got a good deal for the 8 night Eastern on the Equinox.
  9. Great, thank you both for the quick responses! I did use a TA so I'll just give them a call.
  10. Hi all- I booked a cruise a few weeks back and I have not sailed Celebrity before, so I am not sure of their policies. I just checked the price today and it looks like the fare dropped $240 with the same perk of the beverage package. Can we refare whenever the price goes lower? Is there any limit to how much you could refare? I know $240 isn't a huge amount, but that would cover several of the shore excursions we want to do. Thank you in advance!
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