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  1. Thoughts on if Captain Kate will sail this route? I know there are certain places Bug cannot go (I don't know which places though). Could this be pointing to her getting Beyond from the get go?
  2. For the current sailing, MoveUp room changes were assigned Wednesday late afternoon/evening (EST). Hopefully you'll hear around then!
  3. They dd not know this about excursions, that's a big help. Thank you!
  4. Hi all- I wish I was posting about a cruise I am on, however my parents bid for a Sky Suite was accepted for the Apex this weekend! They sail frequently, so to save costs they never go with suites. I thought this might be a fun place to ask about all the tips and tricks about the Retreat that they should be aware of! They know what the Retreat entails based on the website, but I know you all have a lot of personal experience. I want to make sure they are taking full advantage of the perks available to them. For those curious, their minimum bid of $700/person from a IV was accepted. Thank you in advance!
  5. In my experience, Celebrity is happy to talk with me about excursions even when I have a TA. I just say up front that I let my TA handle the complicated financials/reservations and I like to plan the fun part. They're usually fine with that and will discuss excursions and booking them. I would just give Celebrity a call.
  6. Agree. I recently priced out several different lines for my boyfriend and his friends to take a boys trip together. Between Celebrity, Princess, and Norwegian the prices were all within about $100 of each other. For Norwegian, that would not have included tips either, amounting to about $17/person/day. Celebrity was an easy choice for them, they'll be on the Edge.
  7. Celebrity recently posted on Instagram with the caption: isn’t it time for something new? Coming 09.09.21. The video was just a loop of waves with the text: It’s time Could this just be more about the Beyond? It seems like a dramatic announcement because X deleted all their other Instagram posts besides this 1 announcement teaser. Thoughts?
  8. The final update! My TA got the email today that the July 16th sailing has been chartered. We're moving to the next week and got $200 OBC per person. I'm just glad it is all taken care of finally!
  9. Hi all, My parents have an awesome B2B planned in September on the Apex. They’ve been looking forward to it for a while but are now getting a little uneasy given the rise of the Delta variant. They’ve sailed Celebrity twice since June (Millie and Edge), so they trust everything Celebrity is doing and feel comfortable on the ships. Their concern is for what happens if they test positive while on-board. My mom called Celebrity and X said that they would get you home. We know this is how the Caribbean sailings have been operating. However, we recently saw conflicting info in a group on social media that said a couple tested positive on Apex and had to quarantine in Greece at the direction of Greece and in a hotel provided by the country. Can anyone confirm what the procedures actually are? Thank you!
  10. It's only about $200 cheaper for one room and same price for the other room. We'll probably double book so we can hang onto the original reservation but get preferred locations on the new booking. It's not ideal, but even though we can make both dates work, the 16th really would work better on the seemingly small chance it goes.
  11. Thank you for the info! We'll hang onto that original booking for sure, in case there is compensation, and on the off chance it does sail because that's our preferred date.
  12. There were not a lot of people commenting on this, but for those that were interested we have an update. My TA called and she basically got the run around for an hour and a half being transfered to different people. She ended up speaking to someone who told her that the sailing is down for inventory maintenance. My TA countered and said it had been down a long time and she was concerned it had been chartered. The Celebrity agent said "no, there's only 2 charters for 2022". After that, there was really no more info. My TA is now also convinced it is chartered. We're going to look into booking the following itinerary (that is no where close to sold out). Luckily, the dates work for us and the sailing is about the same cost as what we originally booked it for, as there is no way Celebrity would honor the original rate.
  13. I sailed mid-July on Edge and opt-ed into the Go Green program. I've never sailed Celebrity before, so I do not have a baseline comparison, but I was very happy with how our room was kept. From the Go Green description you still get 1 FULL morning cleaning and 1 light turn-down/tidy service in the evening. Our room was always perfectly clean after breakfast and beautifully turned-down in the evening (pillow chocolate and all). Our towels were not taken every day if we hung them up, but they were replaced if we left them on the bathroom floor. We ended up getting new towels about every 2 days instead of every day. I definitely think this program is worth it to help reduce environmental concerns. It is not worthy of all the fuss people are making about it.
  14. We could definitely do the next date Equinox goes to the eastern Caribbean, so that’s smart to look into that. Still plenty of rooms so I don’t feel a huge pressure. I’ll have my TA try to get an answer from Celebrity tomorrow (I feel bad having her call if it’s going to be the same canned answer of sold out) and then look into the next sailing. We were hoping to be done with the “will it sail” question!
  15. I'm booked on the Equinox on July 16, 2022. The sailing has not been on the website since about April. I called Celebrity then and they said it was sold out and that they could still see it online. I think it's strange that I haven't seen it online since, normally cabins will open up with cancelations. I think I am just paranoid since a summer 2022 Silhouette was recently chartered. It also doesn't help that no one has joined the roll call that I made, if it's sold out, some of us would be on it, right? 😂 So help ease my mind, is anyone booked on this sailing or has heard anything about it?
  16. I second this. Sailed NCL Jan 2020 and the food was ranged from okay to bad. I ordered pad thai one night and could not finish it. I ended up getting the steak most nights because they actually did that nicely. Sailed Edge recently and had some incredible meals and only dined buffet or MDR. If food is important to you, definitely go Celebrity.
  17. I wouldn't worry about the photo too much. They ended up retaking mine in port (I guess I looked too different, grated I was very tired when I took the photo I uploaded in the app). Retaking the photo took all but a minute.
  18. That was my original interpretation but @TeeRick clarified that the clock starts running once in the US, which is unfortunate because an empty ship is an empty ship.
  19. It just feels like a blanket rule covering every cruise line instead of dealing with exceptions. Celebrity, at least from what I can tell, has been applying the rules of the conditional sail order fleet-wide even for non-US based sailings. This is not true for other cruise lines, so it does make sense that CDC wants that ship to "reset" before going out of the US under the CSO.
  20. I can see the Apex transatlantic being canceled, it's exactly the right length for this buffer period. My parents are on the second to last Greece sailing and I'm hoping they'll be in the clear since there is one 7-night and then the 14-day transatlantic following theirs.
  21. Not to mention another messy embarkation day. For all these huge changes, it must be a pretty serious medical situation. I cannot imagine what the family is going through.
  22. Interesting! Thank you for explaining that. I'd like to think I'm pretty good with tech but I've never heard of that outside an app like Google Voice.
  23. I've used cellular at sea before. The calling rates aren't bad, only the data rates are horrendous. You can do a call and text plan only without data. With AT&T, it is a $50 one-time, flat rate for 30 days with unlimited texting and 50 minutes of calling. In my view, $50 is worth the peace of mind. In port, my plan with AT&T has the international day pass where for $10/day ($5/day for any additional lines on the same plan) you get to use your phone the same that you would back home, including unlimited data if your plan has it. Slightly related but not helpful because I can't explain it: on the Edge a few weeks ago, my mom got phone calls from both the alarm company and pet sitter (everything was okay) while we were at sea. She talked with them too and never had a bad connection. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how this could have happened because she was in airplane mode with wifi on, but cellular off. The only possible explanation is WiFi calling (but no special app was used) since the pet sitter and my mom had an iPhone but I doubt that was the case for the alarm company.
  24. We were on 7/17 as well and never had bad wine in the MDR, Eden, or Cafe al Bacio, but we were pretty limited in our range (pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, and chardonnay, all premium package). The worst wine I had was a pinot grigio on the Magic Carpet, but I think it was just a bad choice on my end. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.
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