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  1. It's obvious from all these replies that essentially we're all in the same boat. Crystal is probably trying to stay alive. If they do get an influx of cash, they will survive and probably get busy issuing refunds. If not, it's bankruptcy. I did file a fraud complaint with my credit card and am waiting to see if they will take any action. I'm at over 150 days...I was told that March 19th was processed but this apparently is not true since someone wrote about March 18th not refunded.
  2. Helenewe - Cancelled Crystal 2022 cruise on 3/30/2020 - large deposit of $33,000 toward 2022 world cruise. As of August 31, 2020 have not received any refund - 150 days and counting - Crystal confirmed the cancellation was received - promised payment in 90 days but that never occurred - still waiting
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