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  1. Hello, how have these been sold out already, or am I missing something? I thought these only went on sale on 17 November 2020?
  2. Thanks All for your help with this. Let's hope we can get cruising again!
  3. Hello Everyone I hope you are all well. Does anyone know when Cunard will be releasing the rest of their 2022 voyages? My original QM2 February 2022 voyage was changed (don't get me started) but I am curious where they will be going for the rest of the year. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Many thanks
  4. Thank you bluemarble, appreciate your guidance.
  5. Hello Everyone, Can someone please shed some light on this 125% FCC offer? My first cruise in April was cancelled, so I then moved it to August. That cruise was subsequently cancelled so I moved it to February 2022 (QM2). That too has now been cancelled! To date, Cunard has been unable to calculate exactly what my FCC should be. I have contacted Cunard on several occasions and while they have all been very polite and willing to help, I have however been given different answers each time. My question is, how do they actually calculate the FCC? Cu
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