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  1. The itinerary has completely changed. Got an e-mail last night, but still 8N
  2. The price is great, not crazy about so early, but then from FLL need to get to Miami. Also the return flight is around 9:30 PM, not crazy about those hours either, but I guess I can't be to picky if I want to save money. Thanks for your help.
  3. August 20th I checked Southwest, prices looked okay but I do not want to spend 8 hours for a 3 and half hour flight.
  4. Please let me know for what airline? I've been looking and most are close to $900 RT for two, leaving Boston or Providence, and the flights are anywhere from 5 to 8 hours with layovers. Looking to go to Miami or FLL if I have to, no stops would be nice. Thanks
  5. You can call and get one drink package, but they make you buy the soda/water/coffee package, at least that is what they had me do.
  6. It's Friday afternoon, three glasses of wine, maybe 4, but this getting funny LOL
  7. I was looking for that and could not find it.
  8. Instead of making reservations for a couple of Specialty Restaurants, the UDP is well worth it? It is on sale on my cruise planner at 50% off, debating to cancel my reservations for Chops and Hooked and purchase this package? Any thoughts. I'll be on Symphony in August if all goes well!
  9. My 8 night cruise is in August on Symphony, hope it sails even if they shorten to 7 nights.
  10. I wouldn't get a cabana if I knew for sure I could get under a shade palm. Can the concierge arrange that?
  11. I'm also on the 8/21 8 night out of Miami on Symphony, waiting for more details.
  12. Our Coco Beach Club is for $179. in April of 2022 and the Cabana is $1,200.
  13. I also have a Symphony 8 night next August 2021 and hoping by then things may have gotten better so the the 8 night will still be a go.
  14. I like those, please share where you got them! Thanks
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