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  1. We are still waiting for a refund of our initial deposit of $9,000. The cruise was cancelled by Crystal March 18, 2020 (for an October 2020 cruise). We had to file a CC dispute for the bulk of the cost of the cruise but are still waiting for a refund of the initial deposit. Unfortunately Capital One VISA viewed our initial deposit (made in 2018) was too old to dispute. Cannot believe it's been almost ONE YEAR since Crystal cancelled and still no refund.
  2. For those of you who have been told your original deposits are too old to be disputed with your credit card companies: We had the same conversation with Capital One VISA. Our original deposit of plus $8k was charged in 2018 for our Crystal Yacht cruise due to sail in October 2020. We paid in full for the cruise in February of this year. Capital One refunded all but the original deposit. We gave them a call and explained that this is NOT a dispute for an old charge since we weren't even scheduled to travel until October of this year. In other words, we were not able to dispute the charge earlier since we didn't even know until five months ago the the merchant (Crystal) was going to renege on providing the service for which we paid. They agreed and refunded our original deposit. My advise is to not give up on getting a credit from your CC company even if your charge is an old one.
  3. Got a conditional refund from Capital One today for our initial deposit paid to Crystal back in 2018 for an Endeavor Yacht cruise. We have finally been made whole. Capital One has indicated that unless Crystal reports that they don’t owe us a refund, these refunds will become permanent. We didn’t have to fill out any paperwork! They said we will only have to supply documentation if Crystal denies they owe us the funds. Thank you Capital One! And we will never sail on Crystal again.....although my gut tells me they will be going out of business.
  4. We also paid a deposit in August of 2018. Capital One is giving us a provisional credit for that amount as well as our final payment. Because it is so old they are having us fill out some paperwork and provide proof we are entitled to the refund. We already received the provisional credit for the final payment. They said unless Crystal reports that we are not entitled to a refund, the provisional credit will become permanent. So sad that we have all had to resort to these "credit card dispute" measures. I loved the Crystal yacht cruise we took and was looking forward to many more. We have soured on this cruise line however and will not be sailing on them again.
  5. SusieQft. I cannot figure out how to respond to specific posts. To answer your question, this seems to be a permanent dispute resolution but the credit was from Capital One. I think they contacted Crystal and found that the money was in fact due to us. Rather than wait for Crystal to issue the refund (since it's been six months since the cancellation) they gave us the credit. I am sure they will reach out to Crystal for reimbursement. We are still waiting for our $8,000 deposit to be refunded. Hopefully Capital One will issue us a credit for that one as well.
  6. Oh my gosh finally got a credit on my Capital One credit card today for almost the entire amount I paid. 18 days after I filed the dispute. Still waiting on the deposit I paid two years ago for the Endeavor yacht cruise. Hopefully I will see that in the next couple of days. Good luck to everyone still waiting. It really does seem like filing a credit card dispute is the way to do.
  7. Ms. Bianchi told us something similar. Apparently they are still processing March refunds....which is hilarious since your cancellation was March 18th and I see others who cancelled after you or me have gotten refunds (usually after the CC company gets involved). Ms. Bianchi told us about six weeks ago that it would probably be within two more weeks. The reality is that Crystal is in financial trouble. I would not be a bit surprised to see an announcement they have filed for BK. I am hopeful Capital One will make it right for us. I have given up on seeing a refund from Crystal.
  8. Our claim with Capital One is for fraud. Crystal cancelled a cruise and specifically stated we would be getting our refund within 90 days. It’s now been 5 months. In the meantime they are taking deposits from customers for future cruises and not refunding people to whom they owe money in a timely fashion...as promised. They are enjoying the use of our money interest free. We will see how Capital One responds but they opened a Freud claim and there was every indication that they would be crediting our account. I’ll keep everyone posted!
  9. Capital One said they were giving me a provisional credit and would be sending me paperwork to fill out. They want any supporting documentation I have. Don’t know if I will be successful but I’m done waiting in Crystal. Haven’t gotten the letter from Capital One yet but just called them last week.
  10. I filed a dispute with Capital One. You have to call them on the phone and talk to their fraud department.
  11. Our cruise was the yacht cruise on the Crystal Endeavor. Scheduled to sale on October 31st. Crystal cancelled our cruise on April 16th. Cruise was paid in full. We requested a refund. Still no refund and we are at 134 days. Finally filed a dispute on our Visa credit card one week ago. They said they would issue a provisional refund. Haven't seen that on our online account yet. Numerous phone calls to Crystal and been told that same thing for the past 30 days, "We are working on refunds from cancellations in March" We find that hard to believe since didn't MOST cancellations occur in March? That's pretty much when the world shut down. They haven't worked their way through March since March??? I see in the spreadsheet that people who cancelled AFTER us have received their refunds (usually after a CC dispute). We are hopeful VISA will make it right.
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