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  1. We honestly tried looking into this and it seemed like an impenetrable circle. Princess seems to require you to have an "ARC/IATAN certificate, CLIA certificate, TICO certificate, or TIDS certificate". When we looked into each one of those, they seemed to require that you already be an experienced travel agent or have a letter of recommendation from a major carrier. So if you can't make bookings without one of those certificates and can't get one of those certificates without already being a travel agent, I'm unclear on how anybody gets started. Thanks for the tip!
  2. No. I tried several more people and ended up setting up the group through one of Princess's vacation planners. I think that will be fine, though I think (and hope) they guy we're dealing with doesn't understand how back-to-back cruises work. Even though we're in the same cabin for both trips, he said that we would have to pack up our stuff, see if the steward would stow it, and then disembark and come back on the ship through the normal check-in process. Everything I've read online has indicated that we'll be able to leave our stuff in our cabin and just meet up with the other back-to-back
  3. Thanks, I hadn't thought of points 1 or 2. Looking at what a new passenger would pay does make up some of the difference in price, but definitely not all of it. To be clear, I'm not looking for someone who's going to rebate their commission, offer deep discounts, or otherwise compete with the pricing of the big internet travel firms. But I don't feel like I can, in good conscience, recommend that my guests book with a TA who will be charging them hundreds of dollars more than they'd pay if they booked through Princess's website. Given that I'm not asking for discounted fares and am bri
  4. You'd think it would be something like that, but it's not. She's telling me an IB interior rate would be $604 per person (including taxes and fees). When I find an IB room on the same cruise on Princess's site, it is $316 per person, plus $115 in taxes and fees, making it $431 per person. I can add on the drinks/wifi/gratuities, and it's still slightly cheaper than the rate she's giving me. For cabins with 3rd or 4th passengers, it's just at bad. That same room would be $1,590 for 4 people, but the TAs rates would make it $2,256. I'm mainly confused as to why it's been so ha
  5. Assuming cruises are happening again, I will be getting married on a Princess cruise in March. We think we'll have 40-60 guests. Based on old posts here, it seems like there are good benefits to getting a travel agent to book the group (free berths, group amenity points, etc.), but I am having real trouble finding a travel agent to do this. I've contacted four different Commodore Certified TAs, and have yet to get a reasonable plan. Only one of them has had the follow through to get us rates and information about how this would work. Those rates are 30%-50% higher than what can be booked
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