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  1. I don't. I believe they said they received the first one in February so that could narrow down which were approved then.
  2. Yes- I have an acquaintance whose fully vaccinated grandparent is on a vent due to COVID right now. It doesn't prevent 100%.
  3. Can't guarantee that it will all work out but I took that in January 2019. It was great!
  4. If you like animals/water life, I highly recommend Coral World in St. Thomas. Lots of tortoises, iguanas and a really great underwater view.
  5. There are vending machines in the arcade? So I wouldn't have to pay tips on top of the $3.25 charge for a can of Mountain Dew? That would be awesome.
  6. One of the few hiccups I experienced on my last cruise was disembarking the Epic in San Juan so I would say take the later flight. (They neglected to call our color and it didn't show up on the TV until the next color was called. Then the walk-off with luggage, our color and the next one were all trying to leave the ship at the same time and it was chaos.) My flight left at 2:50 so it didn't end up being an issue but I think noon would have been pushing it. The extra scanning at the USDA didn't take too long for me.
  7. NOOO- I love the Pepsi. Had to sneak my Mountain Dews onto Holland. You can get Coke at most ports but no one had Mountain Dew.
  8. It is currently only known to last at least 6 months--although that is two additional months than they knew two weeks ago when I checked: https://www.healthline.com/health-news/how-long-does-immunity-from-covid-19-vaccination-last . I'm needle phobic but will vaccinate to cruise (will slather Emla cream on my arms and get my tetanus too which also need to be updated and then drug up on benadryl and ibuprofen). Since my cruise is in January, I'll be waiting until at least August unless continuing studies show that it lasts longer.
  9. 2004 paid @ $300 (paid for cancel for any reason which is extra) 2019 paid $108 2020 paid $78 2021 paid $150 (paid for cancel for any reason) Total $636 Payouts of $233.50 and $405.45 Total $638.95 Pretty close to even!
  10. I get the travel insurance. I've taken 4 out of the country trips. Used the insurance twice. 2014- Israel, no claims 2019- cruise, got stuck in Ft. Lauderdale due to weather at final destination. Insurance paid for the taxi to/from hotel, hotel, and food. 2020-cruise, got stuck in Dallas for 2 days, almost 3. Rain delayed my flight into Dallas, which made me miss my flight home which was the last one until 3 days later due to the rain being snow at home. Flew into another airport and the insurance company paid for my hotel and food in Dallas and the shuttle to get back to
  11. Regularly receiving brochures and seeing commercial on TV and internet ads. In fact, I keep laughing because Doritos newest commercial has the same "I Want to Break Free" song and I'll look up thinking it is Norwegian and it isn't. Of course, I like Doritos too.
  12. Galaxy S9+ and it has been working for me. On hard days I open it up to see how many days until my cruise and if there are any new shore excursions to view.
  13. That happened to me too! I've about decided I am just not meant to sail out of New Orleans and moved on to Miami (hopefully!) for 2022.
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