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  1. I didn't comment the original post but I'm assuming what they mean is that these companies very well may not survive or may declare bankruptcy - in which case getting your money back may end up being impossible. It's unlikely to happen since I would imagine the government would step in and help them "stay afloat" (pun intended), but certainly not outside the realm of possibilities.
  2. Sorry I can see the confusion. I had assumed (incorrectly it looks like) that even with rescheduling they would still make us pay our cruise by our due date. It seems like a no brainer to reschedule if they don't make us do that.
  3. Interesting, I did not consider that they would move the payment out like that. This option would certainly make the most sense then
  4. Hi all, we have a cruise booked for January 17th 2021 leaving from Miami on the Horizon. Our payment is due Oct 9th. Regardless of whether or not this ship sails we have some vulnerable people in our group so we plan to reschedule this cruise until after we've seen cruises back to some normalcy or proven them to be safe with new measures in place. Going on this cruise is simply not an option for us right now. I've created a poll with some options. I hope you all can help give me some advice. If you have some other options I would love to hear them! Thanks!
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