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  1. And a judge is not an epidemiologist. Very bad form and precedent in my opinion.
  2. Very surprised with this ruling. Have to say though, Judge Merryday has just given the cruise industry enough rope to do you know what. The CDC will now wash their hands and finger point back to the magistrate in case something goes south (And not a question or if but when). One major covid outbreak on a ship out of Florida and the industry is finished. Interesting times ahead. How will this temporary 30 day injunction affect the Alaska season? Are cruises out of Seattle in danger as we speak?
  3. Not suprising. Expect RCL and NCL to foloow suit.
  4. The problem with COVID is that it is an AIRBORNE virus and can remain in that state for up to 3 hours. No amount of surface cleaning and disinfecting will ever get rid of it 100%.
  5. Did you read the framework for "Conditional Sailing" starting around page 19? Cruise operators must conduct simulation voyages with "volunteer" subjects (18 years and older) and after demonstrating that they are capable to meet these new orders and have effective COVID mitigation plans in place, then they will be able to obtain a CDC issued COVID Conditional Sailing certificate to operate vessels in the jurisdiction of US waters and ports. That doesn't sound to me that is something they can get done in 60 days, much less 30 days as you alluded to.
  6. Perhaps, but also one littered with new obstacles and challenges. And if you read the 40-Page order, the CDC is leaving the door open to additional mandates and regulations. I see a very difficult start ahead and any meaningful resumption of service will not happen until Spring in earnest. This is essentially and amended NOS now turn into permanent regulation
  7. Interesting. Getaway was just on a major dry dock last year.
  8. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/readout-vice-presidents-call-u-s-cruise-industry/
  9. Round of cancellations just announced this morning: - Voluntary suspension of all voyages through November 2020 - Cruises on Norwegian Star, Spirit and Dawn suspended through March 2021 - Guests who had an active reservation on a suspended cruises in November 2020 through March 2021 will automatically receive a refund of their cruise fare in the original form of a payment for the amount paid within 25 days. Additionally, a 10% off coupon will be automatically added to the guest's account which is valid for one year from date of issue, and can be used for any Norwegian Cruise Line voyage embarking through 2022 and is combinable with any FCCs and all future promotions at time of booking. source: www.ncl.com
  10. Both ships will likely return to Marseille early this week.
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