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  1. Pitons in St Lucia -- boat ride from port to a beach and then continued by boat to see the Pitons from several different angles. Great lunch and drinks on the way back to the port.
  2. I've heard this case to be a "Side-2-Side" 🙂
  3. 1/12/2020 and 1/19/2020 B2B on the Carnival Legend out of Tampa. Had to change cabins for the second week because there was a lot of noise in the wall the first week. Crew was very helpful to move us to a different cabin.
  4. Deck plan for the Victory shows "Seaside Theater" on deck 10 as does the deck plan for the Radiance.
  5. Hard to find shade on the Breeze Serenity deck. It is on deck 15, all the way forward.
  6. Cove balcony is 45 sq ft. Most of the other side facing balconies are 35 sq ft.
  7. Shredded lettuce on the plate with a scoop of tuna on top with a cookie on the side.
  8. Oct 2004, Fantasy 4 day with neighbors. They had a cruise with 4 couples and one had to cancel and we were invited to take their place. We so enjoyed ourselves that we started choosing cruise vacations rather than renting condos at a beach. We are now at 49 cruises and have 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, and 57 booked. Fingers crossed going forward.
  9. Looking at the deck plans for the Radiance, it shows the Cusina on deck 10 aft. Didn't see a JiJi's.
  10. We're scheduled in November for our 50th cruise and celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. We are both over 70, so we hope things have improved by then.
  11. Our next cruise (#50) is on the Radiance, 11/2020. Looking forward to it and hoping the Corona virus is long gone. We are doing a B2B -- 8 day. 6 day (hopefully.) Sailing with friends who will also be celebrating their 50th cruise. 🙂
  12. Probably be difficult. Most of them are directly below the life boats.
  13. We too are cove fans for the reasons stated above. Love it when we see the flying fish.
  14. I think it depends on the ship. Our last cruise we were 2 couples at the same table at the Steakhouse. I got a bottle, my wife got a bottle and the other husband got a bottle -- 3 bottles for the table. My wife asked if we could get a bottle to take back to the room and the waitress said "absolutely, but I'll have to open it here." My wife said "not a problem, thank you very much." We think different ships handle this in different ways.
  15. Boarding Pass can be used for drinks, not just Cheers.
  16. Yes, we live in middle GA. Easy drive for us to Jacksonville, Port Canaveral, Tampa, Charleston, SC and Mobile, AL. We have done two cruises out of Miami, but it is a longer drive and traffic can be scary.
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