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  1. Also, the Asian and Italian are omelette stations for breakfast.
  2. This is what we do as well. Never heard any noise from above. We've been on the Dream, Magic, Breeze and Vista. We are booked in a Cove on the Mardi Gras in 2021.
  3. Hope you know that leaving the balcony door cracked has a negative effect on other cabins air conditioning. 😞
  4. If you go to cruisedeckplans dot com, you can bring up the deck plan of the ship you are interested in. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see what each symbol stands for like this: = 1 Upper Bed = 2 upper beds = Extended balcony (50% larger) = Stateroom with 2 portholes = Twin beds do not convert = Twin with
  5. Don't forget that Diamond and Platinum both have priority access to the tenders leaving the ship, but not on the return to the ship.
  6. Our choice would be option 2 in a Cove balcony (deck 2). 🙂 Really enjoy those ports.
  7. Suggest that you go to cruisedeckplans dot com to see some videos of the cabin types you are interested in. Looks like the aft wraps on deck 6 have no shade unless the sun is in front of the ship. Deck 7 looks like it may have a bit of shade.
  8. Costa Maya is nice. $3 cab ride to the beach at Mahuhual and $2 for return. Nice beach with restaurants and bars. You can see the ships at the port from the beach.
  9. We were just there. Cab is $15 up to 4 people. Trip is about 20 minutes. Entrance fee to Paradise is $3 per person and they ask that you spend at least $10 per person on food and drinks. There are 2 bars -- one by the large pool and one down at the beach. There are "toys" in the ocean and there is a charge for the use of them. We didn't do them, so not sure what the price was. We enjoyed sitting by the pool in the shade and having drinks and lunch. Food was very good and not expensive. Return to port was easy. Lots of cabs standing by. Same price for the return trip.
  10. Our choice would be Mahogany Bay. Long distance from ship to land. Buses are used. Close to 3 miles and not much to do right in port.
  11. Thanks for your review. Enjoying it. Side note: Serenity age is 21 and over. 🙂
  12. No smoking on balconies. Casino is on deck 7, mid-ship. Most of the ships we've been on the casinos have been smoky. Maybe being a brand new ship the ventilation in the casino will be improved. (Hope, hope, hope)
  13. OK, got it. On the Deck Plan it's labeled as Ocean Plaza, between the Red Frog Pub and the Taste Bar. Thanks for the quick reply. 🙂
  14. Deck plans show 2 elevators from deck 12 to deck 14 forward which is the Serenity area.
  15. Looking at the deck plan, it looks like there is a lifeboat above 2310.
  16. We too, are Cove fans. We like being close to the water, having shade and watching the flying fish as we come into ports. And we choose cabins away from the galley . We usually get one below the forward part of the MDR.
  17. Bucket is 4 beers and $2 less than 4 beers bought individually.
  18. You will debark, go through Customs and return to the ship for a group photo and complementary Mimosas.
  19. Yes, I see what you are talking about. We had a table for 2 at the rail above that area. We only saw the wait staff getting drinks from that area.
  20. I don't see it on the Visa deck plan.
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