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  1. We have done quite a few B2Bs with 4 bottles of wine. We have our boarding passes for both legs and announce that there are 4 bottles in my carry -on and show them the boarding passes. No problems thus far. Will be on our next B2B out of Tampa in Jan 2020. Hope everything goes as it has in our past several B2Bs.
  2. Remember, the time on your Boarding Pass is check-in time, not boarding time.
  3. You are correct. Looks like Chicken is going to be where the Seafood Shack was on the Lido Deck aft and the Seafood is moving to the where the Chopsticks place was. Don't know if Chopsticks moved.
  4. Decks 5, 6, 7 and 8 have large balconies but they are all aft. The corner balconies are on the port and starboard sides and they are the larger balconies. The aft facing balconies are larger than the port and starboard balconies.
  5. Thanks. Yes, I agree on the Mardi Gras but can't see it on the Radiance.
  6. Where on the Radiance? I don't see it on the deck plan.
  7. Might be a little cooler and not as many kids.
  8. You are quite right. What we are doing is to get to 50 cruises in 2020 to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. And the price was right for us. We booked it a year and a half out. We are currently at 47 and get 50 on the Radiance in Nov, 2020.
  9. Probably did a mock booking to see what 4Js were available.
  10. There is a video of 2470 on cruisedeckplans . com
  11. Looking forward to your report. Please take some pictures. 🙂
  12. We did a 4 day/3 day/4 day B2B2B on the Liberty earlier this year (Feb). The 4 days were pretty calm. The aft pool was adults only and there was a large group on the 3 day leg that had to be removed from the pool by Security. One of them could hardly walk after she got out of the water. And the 3 day was over the weekend, so it looked like it was meant to be a party cruise for that group.
  13. What if the Zone Codes are really luggage loading codes?
  14. Both of those cabins are at the rear of the ship and there are cabins above and below both. Casino is deck 5 mid-ship, so I don't think you would hear any noise from the casino.
  15. Looks like there is one for 7260 on cruisedeckplans,com. (Note that 7260 is an "accessible" cabin.) For example, 7258 is laid out like all the balcony cabins. However, its balcony is 3 times longer than the standard balcony and 2 feet deeper.
  16. Yes, really. Leaving your balcony door open has a negative impact on other cabins. Been discussed here many times.
  17. Looking at CruiseDeckPlans dot com, Galley could be on deck 4 all the way aft. The Palms dining room is aft on deck 5 and 6.
  18. You can't leave the door open. It can cause a problem with your A/C as well as other cabins A/C around you.
  19. If we reach higher levels do the kids get their own VIFP number and status? Example if we are platinum and they are red and they are booked in our room would they get to enjoy the same perks as us being platinum and be issues a platinum card? Same as when we are gold. Your children will be Blue on their first cruise, Red on their second, etc. If you reach Platinum, they will not get Platinum cards and will not get Platinum perks.
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