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  1. Would not be risking flights other than with Azamara as if anything goes wrong it is their problem. If you try easyjet for flights and cruise is cancelled but easyjet fly you will still have to take flights and reverse equally true I am not booking anything until the first cruise actually sets sail and return s without covid
  2. Obviously not aware of refund issues on current voyages but if we are still in same boat this time next year re corona I doubt if there will be Any cruise lines. Pricing must have been validated by Azamaa for TV release but thanks for tip.
  3. Uktog, thanks for this but these prices are for 2022 so similar to 2021 and in view of 2021 certain cancellations I am surprised at 2022 discounts as I guess most 2021 ers would be wanting to transfer to 2022. Ps would probably fly ba ex lhr ncl or Emirates via dxb. new log in as on different device normally procter
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