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  1. Funny I never received an e-mail notification yet about our April 26 sailing.
  2. Our April 26 sailing has been canceled and I have a $2000 deposit on file for a Q5 cabin. It looks like the next opportunity for us will be May 2022. The credit is worth $500. I see they are running a "Discovery Awaits" promotion now that is almost as good as the promotion we booked under. What your you do, take the refund or roll the credit for a crossing in 18 months? Thanks hg
  3. Thanks everyone I better understand this now. We did book a cruse fare that is not the discounted fare. I just misread the refund schedule and how it changed towards the sailing date. So it does appear that we can get a 100% refund before February 25 then it drops to a 50% penalty. I just did not understand the graphic. Thanks for everyone's help.
  4. As I have mentioned we have never been on a cruise before but have been traveling to Europe for over 30 years. This year we had to cancel a 3 week Central Europe self drive vacation and a trip to New England due to Covid. We really only lost about $400 worth of non refundable service fees. This morning the news was pretty bad, filled with more covid doom and gloom. El Paso is even instituting a curfew. We booked Queens Grill suite so you know this is not an inexpensive trip and we have placed a $2000 deposit already with a final payment due on Feb 25th. I guess what troubles m
  5. Here is my experience on this and thanks for the insight to check with Cunard for airfare. We booked our air as follows outbound BWI - JFK , Return CDG - JFK - BWI. The cheapest we found poking around was about $1100 PP. Cunard got us on AA for $522 PP. Incidentally the same itinerary on the AA page was $2500 PP.
  6. Hello, I'm very new here and we have never been on any sort of cruise other than what we got while in the US Navy. That being said I have been spending a good deal of time here reading posts that seem to pertain to what we are doing. Two years ago my wife and I spent a few nights on the QM in Long Beach. It was a good experience and we started toying with the thought of a crossing. Yesterday we booked a Q5 room on the April 26, 2021 sailing to Southampton. Over the coming months I'm sure I'll be asking many questions after using the search feature. My first question; is CunardC
  7. Hello, My wife and I just booked our ever sailing on any commercial line. I say that because we have had a few sailings on the USS L.Y. Spear back in the days ;-). We have booked a one way transatlantic on the QM2 for April 26, 2021. I'm hoping the covid crud will be more under control by then. We are booked in the Queen's Grills in a Q5 cabin. I figured we might as well go all in for a first time. I'm looking forward to learning from this forum. H Green
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