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  1. With the entire cruise being within the United States will you even need your passport? Also since you are not setting foot on non USA soil does that change requirements for disembarking and testing requirements? Obviously there may be non US residents that this won't apply to and the ship will probably enter international waters at some point. Interesting questions since Canada can have entry restrictions due to past alchohol convictions. (I was a stupid 21 year old but am now a responsible 43 year old)
  2. Anyone going to convert their FCC back into cash? http://ncl-drupal6.ncl.com:9050/suspended-sailings
  3. I very much hope the positive posters in this thread are correct and NCL survives but something in the back of my mind (not very scientific I know) tells me that they stopped issuing FCC and went to cash refunds only is because they know now that they will have to screw over the customers that are holding FCC and by stopping the FCC program they are hoping to minimize customer outrage when they find out there money is gone and they are not getting it back. For me personally it is not so much impatience to sail but worrying about my FCC expiring or it just disappearing during a rest
  4. I hope no more ships end up at the scrappers, but if they don't start sailing again the NCL Encore, Carnival's new Mardi Gras, and Virgins Scarlet lady and all other ships that cannot find employment will be melted down into razor blades. That is the reality the cruise industry faces if they do not start earning revenue and borrowing opportunities get more difficult. I know they are good to keep up operations for while yet and that will hopefully tide them over until a combination of the vaccine, testing, and safety protocols, and all the other items needed to resume operations a
  5. The Joy has arrived in Brazil. Not sure where it is off to next.
  6. If it was me I would take the money and not book with new money until cruising has restarted. But that's just me.
  7. Thanks for the recommendations. I saw quite a few apps and such but I figured the experts would know the good ones 🙂
  8. Title says it all. I am looking for a decent cruise ship tracker now that ship movements are bound to pick up a bit in order to get them ready to resume sailing.
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