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  1. That's great news Harry. I bet you're both delighted. Very good thinking to get all the risky stuff out of the way while the infections are much lower. I was going to post again anyway to tell you that following a lunchtime meeting we are told to expect our next Pfizer drop week commencing 5th May. I'm also glad that your wife got her notification on the Friday before a good-looking weekend. No need to worry for the next 48 hours. Best wishes. Jane.x
  2. Morning Harry. There is a slight delay in the deliveries of the Pfizer. It's not a supply or stock issue, just a hold up in the logistics of delivery. We had to pool our lists a few weeks back and will do the same again if necessary. We have been told to expect deliveries mid-May onwards. I know we're in different parts of the country but if I get any more information I'll post on here to keep you in the loop. In the meanwhile please tell your wife not to worry as she will definitely get her second vaccine. Have a lovely weekend. Best wishes. Jane.x
  3. Good Morning All. Kalos, thank you for your daily thoughts for the day. Definitely watch that head of yours in the sun today. I did laugh with the memory of that guy in Home Alone. It's a very lovely day here in N.London. The sun is shining, it's Friday, what more could we ask for - well a lot probably but let's make the most of what we have and celebrate the fact that we can see family again, go to the pub, go to the shops, and just be as normal as we've been able to for so long. Have a great weekend everyone. Be well and safe. Best wishes. Jane.x
  4. I agree with you Dermotsgirl. For many out there, cruising is of no consequence, and, playing devil's advocate, non-cruisers reading many of these posts will just see a group of over-privileged, whingeing selfish people with first world problems. The situation in India is desperate. If you have enough money to source and locate a vaccine you may be OK. If you don't - you die. The level of poverty in India is so high that hundreds of thousands of Indian nationals will have no chance of survival. It's a sobering thought which in my mind trumps worries about the supply of enough staff to service
  5. Morning Dave. Yes, you do have a right to a summary of your medical record and no they cannot charge you for it. As a Practice Manager I can tell you that with certainty. I can only speak for my own surgery's computer system (Emis - some practices have other systems), but a print out takes seconds to do. I've had the conversation with my staff here and we've agreed that as the summaries come out on plain paper and not headed paper, we should put our practice stamp them to confirm the origin. Hope this helps. Jane.x
  6. Good Morning All Look at this post as a Paltrow-esque acceptance speech. I would like to mention and thank: Kalos - for your daily motivational and to wish you a happy and after-effect- free jab. Purdey - to wish you better and for your positivity. Eddie - for those 'wow' shots of your lunch yesterday. Ann- have a great week with your mum. It must have been a joyful reunion. Avril- just because. Graham and Pauline- as above. Everyone I haven't mentioned personally - thanks for being such rewarding online friends. Happy Tuesday
  7. Yes Jean. I forgot to mention that. Sight of those personal items was also a very touching moment. A tear to the eye moment. Jane.x
  8. There was one moment when The Queen bowed her head so low you couldn't see any any part of her - she looked so vulnerable - just a very elderly lady in the throes of deep and unassuagable grief. I found it very moving. My heart ached for her. What a wonderful tribute we paid to Prince Philip though. The coming together of all the service bands, the wonderful music, the dignity of the whole day, and the beautiful weather. Nobody does it better. Jane.x
  9. Kalos, I think I might be a little bit in love with you - in a completely appropriate non-threatening to Mrs Kalos way! You are so positive, so caring of us all on here; your daily posts are a joy to read and have a good laugh at, and you're just an all round great guy. Thank you. Jane.x
  10. Those cakes are simply beautiful Pete. My birthday is on 8th August and I love chocolate! Jane.x
  11. That's my diemma Avril. The SP is no longer worth deferring but working alongside receiving it will mean a hefty tax penalty. Listen to me going on - first world problems eh? I'm lucky to be here, in overall good health, and with a lovely family. How fortunate I am. Jane.x
  12. Ah that's sad Graham. I lost my mum to vascular dementia two years ago. She was 90 - a youngster. It's such a dreadful disease - it takes your loved ones away by stealth doesn't it? Please give my best wishes to Pauline on what will be a sad day for you both. I do hope Prince Philip's funeral allows him the dignity he deserves and the media don't make it all about William and Harry. Jane.x
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