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  1. Although these photos are from December 22, it shows the float-out of the Octantis. I would have posted them earlier, but honestly, I just came across them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Below, notice the large window just to the right and above the anchor. According to the deck plan, it is called "The Hive." Based on its location just forward of the crew cabins on deck 1, I imagine this may be the crew lounge.
  2. Last evening, Krys and I watched this video posted on viking.tv. It is certainly worthwhile for anyone taking or even considering the possibility of taking a Viking Expeditions journey. And, it is not just about the Arctic and Antarctica despite the title. Enjoy.
  3. Nice to hear from you. From what I have heard from others, it is not as cold as one would imagine in Antarctica in its summer. Temperatures can reach to a high of about 60 F or 15 C in the peninsula where the ships explore. No guarantees, of course.
  4. Viking keeps sending emails asking me to complete the Guest Information Form and asks me to go to My Vikings Journey to update it. However, whenever I log in to complete the form, I see a notice: "Coming Soon. My Viking Journey is currently unavailable as we put the finishing touches on your voyage." Anyone else having these issues? Thanks.
  5. Yes,much appreciated. This very helpful information that could save people hours of frustration. Only if Cunard bothered to clarify this for their passengers....
  6. Thanks to all of you for your replies and excellent advice. Last night, I tried to set up the new account using Firefox on my Mac at home, to no avail. However, this morning I went to the office, used Firefox on my PC and everything went smoothly. The only other difference is what constitutes a first name on a passport. The airlines and other cruise lines require you to include a middle name if you have one on the passport. I assumed initially that Cunard might require the same. So, I included my middle name along with the first. I don't think it was the match they were looking for. I skipped
  7. I am trying to log into my Cunard account using the email address I have always used and it is not recognized as valid, even though they send me a few emails a week to this address. I try to create a new account and the system doesn't recognize my member number, even though it has always been the same. Anyone else having this problem with logins and member numbers? Thanks.
  8. Just to bring us back to Expeditions: I hope we get to see these babies. Looking into the distance I sometimes can't tell adult penguins apart from humans. For example, the figure on the far left and the far right.
  9. Well, if the cruise goes, we go. We were fortunate to have had our vaccinations and will try to get in line when the variant booster is released probably some time in September (from what I hear from an inside source). Thanks for sharing the article.
  10. Once we decided to take Viking Expeditions to Antarctica, we chose the January 12, 2022 itinerary for two reasons: First, our 51st anniversary is January 12. We were supposed to do the really big one last month, but we all know what happened. So, we will be celebrating # 50 a year late. The second reason is that we have never been on the first passenger sailing of a cruise. I'm not sure whether to call it the maiden voyage or the inaugural cruise. We know and expect that the crew will be learning the ropes, but we also know there should be something extra special and exciting abou
  11. We had a guarantee Nordic Penthouse cabin on our Inaugural Octantis cruise to Antarctica for January 12, 2022 because we got the "last" one. I just received a new "Guest Statement" with an assigned cabin. It happens to be the exact stateroom I would have picked. Not too shabby!
  12. I spoke with Viking yesterday. The best they would do is a 30-day extension of the final payment date: March 31 to April 30 for the January 12 itinerary.
  13. I agree with you about not having to make final payment so far in advance. Our final payment date is a little over nine months before our January 12 Antarctic cruise. I will try to negotiate with them, asking to split it into two or three payments, two months apart, so as not to run up the credit card balance so high. I'll let you know how I make out. I would have waited too, but we wanted the Nordic Penthouse. There was only one left and even that was a guarantee. We booked it and now it is listed as sold out.
  14. Thank you for sharing these pictures. It makes it look real for the first time.
  15. Here are links to the roll calls started as of 2 February 2021 for the Viking Expeditions cruises. Thunder Bay to Milwaukee 28 May 2022 By Denny01, July 13, 2020 Canadian Discovery 18 Apr 2022 By eylarson, June 29, 2020 Niagara & The Great Lakes 30 Apr 2022 By eylarson, June 29, 2020 Canadian Discovery Oct 3, 2022 By PRH, July 23, 2020 Niagara & The Great Lakes June 11, 20
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