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  1. $9.99 US a bottle at Total Wine https://www.google.com/shopping/product/9434372314849630589?lsf=seller:8326373,store:7955847172044675530&prds=oid:18401199594235361369&q=Anakena+Carmenere+2018&hl=en&ei=1p5ZXYuBBquD5wKGjqHAAQ&lsft=gclid:CjwKCAjw7uPqBRBlEiwAYDsr1yZDyAk9BNW-aJs17FRQsYScToY8MVtCcLITv95RPCCHnE2grVb-GRoCdxYQAvD_BwE,gclsrc:aw.ds
  2. I can see a rationale for the Premium+ package being priced less than the Premium. Did you ever get a "free" bottle of wine that comes with your stateroom or as a gift from a travel agent. It is usually the absolutely lowest priced wine on the wine list and is pretty awful. In fact, if we already have the premium package with some excellent wine, why bother drinking the "free" bottle? We often just leave it behind when we disembark. If people drink the two "free" bottles, perhaps they would order fewer premium wines at the bar and in the dining room. Thus, the cruise line may be saving money. As far as the $50 in casino free play, the cruise line is betting (with stats on their side), that once you start playing, you continue playing. It is highly likely that you will give it all back and then some. Even when people have big wins, more than enough will give it back compared to the few who walk away. Otherwise, the casinos would go out of business. As far as the minibar in the room, I have no idea. They say they stock the minibar and replenish it daily. But, they don't say that you won't be charged for what you consume. We will have to wait and see what people actually experience. Thanks to the thread starter for bringing this new promotion to our attention.
  3. There is a term for this and I, a cruise addict, suffer a severe case: Cruise Withdrawal Syndrome (CWS). Will probably appear in DSM-6. 😉🤣 The fix for this addiction is, of course, booking another cruise, usually onboard.
  4. No more canopy below. Now you can look right down on the outdoor cafe between the blades.
  5. What I notice most is the awning is gone and replaced with what resemble fan blades. Looks pretty, yes, and it is great area for sun lovers. Not great for those of us who have had or may be susceptible to skin cancer. You won't see me out there on a sunny day unless the sun is forward of the ship as it appears to be in this picture. And it may no longer be a good spot for sail-away parties for the same reason.
  6. I followed moatenote's advice and got a quick reply. Yes, there are definitely two types of rooms. I only asked about PV3 on deck 4. Here is the response: Sliding glass doors: 4010, 11, 16,1 7, 18, 19, 24, 25 Window & hinged door: 4012, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23
  7. Moatenote and vnb2003: I appreciate the great advice here regarding cabin selection.
  8. Thank you for your quick and really helpful reply. I notice the decor seems different. Is it different, or is it the lighting?
  9. Some Viking pictures of PV rooms show an extra window and others show a larger sliding door. How does one tell in advance which PV categories have the extra window. Thanks. Here are two images of PV: The first is 6072. The other is generic.
  10. The overhang could be wider, unless we are seeing scaffolding. The following pictures are from another thread posted by Jim_lain originally posted by "Captain Wendy."
  11. Good point. I thought the Club was a venue for late night dancing and some events during the day. Whenever I looked in prior to dinner, it was deserted with no activity. I never knew it was a lounge to hang out in before dinner and listen to quiet easy listening music. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. I’m sorry. But when I click on the Millennium deck plans, it is clear to me exactly what I reported. Look specifically at deck 12 and you will see the Retreat Sun Deck. You will see the new Aqua cabins on Deck 10 starboard of the spa. On Deck 4, Where Michael’s club would be is clearly marked as the Retreat Lounge. Make sure you are looking at the Millie’s deck plans and not one of the other M-class ships.
  13. Posted just now Here is some really good news for non-suite passengers and still a plus for suite passengers. On another thread, AuburnKT2001 posted a link to the new post-Revolution deck plans. I was sincerely concerned about the Retreat taking away space from other public areas. Apparently, that is not the case. The Retreat Sun Deck is using mostly little used space. They are not taking over the Cosmos Lounge for the Retreat. Michael's stays where it is and is being renamed the Retreat Lounge. There should be just as much space available for non-suite passengers as before, unlike on the Edge. http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Deck_Plans_Staterooms/Millennium-Deck-plans.pdf
  14. This is really good news to me. The Retreat Sun Deck is using mostly little used space. They are not taking over the Cosmos Lounge for the Retreat. Michael's stays where it is and is being renamed the Retreat Lounge. There should be just as much space available for non-suite passengers as before, unlike on the Edge. I would imagine the Summit plans will be identical, but who knows? Now, let's see what happens to S- class ships. Thank you very much for this useful link.
  15. We were on the Edge a couple of weeks agoi. The amount of space and service devoted to the Retreat certainly took away from space for non-suite passengers. There were only two main lounges: the Martini Bar lounge and Eden. It was very difficult to find a seat. If you could find a seat, it would take as long as 35 minutes to get a drink. We would not book an Edge-class ship again. We have cruises booked on M and S class ships post "revolution." If they remove significant public areas for the Retreat, such as the Sky Lounge, we would likely cancel these cruises and choose other lines to sail on. I have nothing against suite passengers. We have sailed in suites on S-class ships and believe that Michael's Club and Luminae are sufficient perks. However, I would look forward to refreshed staterooms and dining rooms on the older ships.
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