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  1. Just spoke to Delta, it's taken days to get through. If we cancel, we will get an e-credit of the full amount we paid This credit has to be used 1 year from the date we cancel. We don't have to fly within 1 year, we just have to book within 1 year of the cancellation date. So hopefully we'll do the same or similar trip a year April🤞
  2. I'm waiting for Delta to get back to me. Hopefully they'll do similar and let us book different dates?
  3. Hi All, Finally had a reply from Carnival. Basically we have 2 options- 1. Cancel the cruise and be charged a $50 fee each. With the remainder being held as a future cruise credit. 2. Change dates with no fee. I think it matters with which promotion I originally booked? We booked 'early saver'. We'll go for option 2 and book for 2022 when hopefully we're back to the old normal.
  4. Hi Aulanis, I haven't done anything as yet. I'm going to email today, and when I get a response I'll let you know on here. We're on the Horizon 6 day to Ochio Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. There's 4 of us on the cruise, and we've 3 nights before and 5 nights after in Florida booked. We were thinking of staying on the gulf coast if we didn't cruise. But even that is in doubt now? We booked direct on Carnival.com Looks like they've cancelled all cruises up to end February. So ours in April is still 'live' so to speak. We've pretty m
  5. Thanks everyone, both for the welcome and advice. I'll email carnival and try and post again on the Carnival forum. With the uncertainty at the moment, I think it would be too much of a risk to pay in full, I mean-the cruise could go ahead but the USA may not be on the travel corridor? That wouldn't be good! If we can't get our deposit back, I'd be ok with our deposit being held and then used towards a future cruise.
  6. Thanks Ate That's why it was moved do you think?
  7. Hi Kat Thanks for the reply. The question was specific to an April carnival cruise from Miami? I don't think there's much chance of it being replied to in the UK forum?
  8. Hi I asked a question (Deposit) in the Carnival section, but this was moved to 'UK cruisers' for some reason? The question is relevant only to Carnival?
  9. lucky13uk


    Hi All, New poster here from the UK I hope you're all ok? We have got a cruise booked for April on the Horizon. The balance is due early January, and we're uncertain as to what to do? We'd love to cruise but our government is all over the place on travel corridors. If we decide not to pay the balance- 1. Do we just lose all our deposits? 2. Get our deposits refunded-with a $50 penalty per person? 3. Get to have a credit to use on future cruise? 4. Any other options? We don't have a UK number to phone so it would cost
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