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  1. My brother works for the PANYNJ. He works at Port Newark in logistics and marshaling. He told me they were going over reopening of non public ship terminals for both NY & NJ. Someone asked about the NYC & Port Liberty cruise ship terminals. They were told they will remain shuttered until 2nd quarter 2022. All sailings of passenger vessels have been cancelled until then at minimum. They expect this to be a press release by 5/1.
  2. So, i got a call today from my TA, he told me to reconsider and cancel my Aug 22 cruise on Oasis from NJ. He wants me to make a contingency plan, because he feels the cruise will be canceled and should think about an alternatives for that same week. And airfare is on the rise and will remain high for a long while. Do you guys think he is correct, or just looking to preserve commissions. Im not sure what the right thing to do is.
  3. If people can fly on an airplane in EXTREMELY CLOSE proximity to one another for hours, tell me why a cruise where the adults will be fully vaccinated and children tested, is less safe? This is such political 🐃💩. The CDC are a bunch of 🤡.
  4. If it was any news story worthy of such excitement, It would come from the top. Fain would be delivering this message personally. So, it would be cross branded, not from the Celebrity SVP.
  5. I believe all doors are good. I think its upbringing that makes the difference. An article published in the New England Journal of Medicine from 2012 state the connecting door’s are no more likely to to bad when compared to Garage, screen or even double doors. Hope this helps.
  6. Why would you ask legal advice on a cruise message board. Its like asking for financial advice on a bankruptcy website.
  7. With the hopes that my OPTIMISTIC views that our Aug 22nd Oasis cruise is still on, I will ask my questions. Last time we sailed over 20 years ago. Formal night was FORMAL. since times have changed. im not going to bring a Tux or dark suite. However, I remember the ship was very cool at night time. If I bring dress pants, collar shirt and a sports coat. Would i feel out of place? Or should i shlep my heavy wool suit also?
  8. I was thinking of smuggling some meth onboard. As long as they dont ask me to bend over and cough in security, i should be fine.
  9. Please don’t post the word WHORE on this board. I am a former one, and I'm offended.
  10. We have a cruise on Oasis booked for this Aug 22. I just transferred our booking to a TA from a large consortium group. He told us not to bet on this cruise happening. Based on the info they have received from RCI. And they are the largest single producing group for Royal. I had no reason to disregard what i was told. However, since money wise we have nothing to loose. Otherwise i would of canceled. Basically, they are pausing into may already. They are having staffing issues, other countries such as underdeveloped nations may not see vaccines until late 2022/23. And who know when we wi
  11. Nothing wrong with it. In fact its a great perk. Whats wrong is knowing they are giving away a product they know will not sail. The casino marketing dept is making a HUGE mistake. My wife and I pre covid always went to vegas on a full RFB comps. Never once has an offer been taken away from us, and not replaced. Gamblers like me are very loyal. however, the cruise lines need to start using a host service to take care of their higher tier players.
  12. Absolutely, its not fair. Makes one wonder who is allowing this to continue. Not the time turn off your clients to your product.
  13. Richard Fain, WSJ, Crains, Arnold Donald, investor times, Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank . Or any respectable financial publication that has been tracking the leisure travel segment regarding bailouts, funding, loans ect.
  14. You know something, your definitely not alone. My wife and I are taking our 2nd cruise in 20 years. On the Oasis in Aug 🤞. I have read on other boards non cruise related, but people feel the way you do. It may have more to do with something you truly have a passion for being taken away from you. And your inability to cruise makes you feel disconnected to what you love. I think that’s a normal reaction to a situation that is beyond your control. And I totally believe you will do a 180 once the green light is given to resume your joy of cruising. I do not know you, however, i hope 2021
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