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  1. I have a question. I am now in an electric wheelchair and use a white blind cane to help me see where I am going. Has anyone sailed on MSC Divina. I am booked, 3 B2B's, for a total of 14 nights. Sailing to the Bahamas and Mexico. I could use any advice you want to share. TIA
  2. Anyone stay in a Deck 13 AFT cabin. Booked in Cabin 13223. Wondering if anyone has first hand experience and photos to share here?Wondering whay discounts MSC offers for a honeymoon rate. Does anyone know. I phoned MSC and the person I spoke with was confused and did not seem to know much about anything. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Anyone stay in a Deck 13 AFT cabin. Booked in Cabin 13223. Wondering if anyone has first hand experience and photos to share here?
  4. Thank you all for your wonderful advice. Looks like I am almost ready to try some of your wisdom. My sailing on MSC Divina has been announced as a GO. I just got me a mew wheelchair. Don't need any breakdowns on the ship if you know what I mean. And there are three banks of elevators on my ship. So if one is busy. I can always roll on down to one or more of the other two. Afterall. This is my vacation. I'm in no hurry to get anywhere. Take my time. Be polite. Have patience. And ENJOY my cruise
  5. I read comments saying the antibodies do not last forever. I have seen news on many naional news stations that Pfiser has been sating their vaccine does not last forever. They say with their shot. They recommended a booster shot in about 6 months. They also suggested the need for annual shots. Sorta like the annual flu shot. Soo even Pfiser has publicly come out and admitted, their 2 shot covid vaccine shot may only last a few months
  6. Maybe my words were misunderstood. My two friends who are schedule to sail in the fall of 2021 bothh had and were treated by boctors for Covid-19. That is how they now have natual immunity.
  7. Thank you to all for your prompt replies. According to multiple libensed and trained medical professionals. Those who follow the science and save people over many years. They all say the natural immunity is much better than the shot. Remember they FOLLOW the SCIENCE. I have asked three of my personal doctors. My friends asked their doctor who treated them for covid. I also contacted medical professional friends of mine. Licensed trained medical professionals. One even practing medicine and treating patients for over 30 years. They all agree. Natural immunity is more effective than this shot. Yes, the shot is good. Good for those who have not had and survived Covid. That is what the science says. Tank you all again for your prompt replies.
  8. R Read the new updated CDC guidebook. Cannot find the answer. Maybe someone can share some advice. millions and tens of millions who had covid and lived. Science and a few of my doctors saym those who had covid now have buikt up a natural immunity. Sorta like the chicken pox. They do not need a vaccine shot. No science has shown getting a vaccine shot will get them double immunity. So all I see is you MUST get a shot and prove it with you CDC shot card. These tens of millions will not have a card and will not have the shot. So will my two friends be denied boardiing since they have built up natural immunity, according to their doctor?I looked again and still do not see this. What about the n
  9. Being my first time on a cruise. By myself. Now in a wheelchair. What are your views on cruise ship elevators. Any pointers you would be comfortable to share?
  10. I recently took a walk around Port Canaveral. It feels so lonely. Reminds me of how the Maytag must of felt in those old TV commercials
  11. If MSC cancels in the US, Do they offer lift and shift> Do not want 125% FCC when prices next year have incread more than 400% for same trip
  12. I did contact MSC Special Needs. Still waiting to hear back
  13. Looked in search and found nothing I have read MSC has an APP called MSC and Me. A way to prepare one for their sailing. My question is about the APP and the MSC Divina. My next three sailings are booked on the MSC Divinia. But it seems the Divina does not use the MSC an Me APP. Any idea if or when the Divina mat get access to the MSC APP?
  14. Thank you. Those chairs are good if you had two people. One to sit and one to push. Many portable wheelchairs have a wat for the person sitting, to move them selves by gra bbing and moving the big back whhels. My problem would be I am a solo traveler this time. No one to push me around. So those beach wheelchairs would not help me.
  15. I wish they had the coffee coupons again. I do not drink the strong stuff.
  16. Thank you. I can walk a few feet. Less than 59 with great diffuculty. It looks like Ocean Cay is the only stop I can get off at. The other ports do not have wheelchair accesible shore excursions has of yet. My wheelchair does go 12 to 15 miles on a full charge. I will bring my charger just in case. If I can find a 110 outlet on the island for a brief recharge. Thanks for your advice.
  17. The mask is leather. Covers the face. Has a few straps on the back of the head. There are multiple air holes along the bottom of the beak. This is similae the the Dr Plague mask, worn during the plague, over a century ago. In fact very comfortable. Not hot at all inside abd does not fog up my glasses like many face masks do
  18. I know this mask was accepted in Las Vegas and Reno casinos and resorts in September 2020. Wonder if the cruise ships will allow this in 2021. It covers the nose and mouth like most masks. It also goes beyond and covers the eyes as well The pic was taken in a casino hotel elevator in Las Vegas. Heading out to dinner and a evening of gambling
  19. I am now mobility impaired. Having to get around in an electric wheelchair. I live next to the ocean in Florida. I know my wheelchair does not do so good in the sand. My question is{ How easy might it be to get around in a wheelchair on MSC's private island?
  20. This question and comment pertains to all cruise lines. I have seen a video about MSC safety bubble. Some crew wear face masks while some in the video were wearing face shields. I spend way too much time with medical staff. Some wear the N95 face mask and some wear the clear plastic face shield. If the medical community says the face shield is safe. Actually safer than the mask that only covers the nose and mouth. The face shield also covers and protects the eues. MMy question is, who would feel better if they were poolside with a face shield? Think of the tan line a face mask may leave compared to the clear face shield. The MSC safety bubble shows crew wearing a face shield. So will the cruisers be allowed to wear a face shield on your next cruise. Here are a couple pcs of me wearing one style of a face shield that I wear on my local city bus.
  21. Greetings, Has anyone used a wheelchair on MSC's Private Island. MSD Ocean Cay Marine Resewrve in the Bahamas. I can see, from looking at their website. They have a paved path around the island for their golf carts and such. What I do not see are area where one could ride their electric wheelchair in areas off the path. Loke to the beach and to many activities the island offers. My question is how deep is the sand when getting off the paved path. I live next to a beach in Florida. I know my wheelchair will get stuck very promptly in the sand so my question has anyone, who has mobility issues, had any experiencees on MSC Ocean Cay Marine. My next three bookings are on MSC. All three sailings stop at this Private Island. With the MSC Safety Bubble, it looks like the Private Island will be the ONLT port I will be allowed off on among the 7 ports of call on my bookings. I would to get off the ship if at all possible. So asing has anyone had wheelchair or mobility scooter experience on thos island. TIA
  22. Thank you all for your advice. My eye surgeon today said he may be able to do three surgeries on both eyes before my next scheduled cruise. 2 operations on one eye and one opeartion on the other. So maybe one eye will be good enought to see the ocean again. I still can't drive a car. The DMV does not approve me duct taping my white blind cane to the ftont bumper of the car. kill joys they are. Cruising has been fun for me. Took one of my first cruises on the SS France in the 70's. Never needed a door decoration until now. Again thanks for all the advice May God Bless You All
  23. I have three bookings on MSC Divina for the fall of 2021. Does MSC allow cabin door decorations? I know NO TAPE. I have small heavy duty magnets. I am visually impaired. I get around using a white blind cane. Almost totally blind. Still see some shadows in one eye. Any advice?
  24. Which cruise lines allow door decorations? I know NO TAPE. I have magnets. I am visually impaired. I get around using a white blind cane. Almost totally blind. Still see some shadows in one eye. The door decorations will help me find my cabin since seeing the cabin numbers is not easy. My next booking is on the MSC Divina. This will be my 65th birthday. I have a 12 inch by 18 inch cloth banner that says Happy 65th Birthday. I plan to put this ouside my door. It has siz heavy duty magnets attached to the back of the banner. I also plan to puy a 6 inch magnet on the door. It is a picture of my late wife. This was going to be our 23rd wedding anniversary cruise. I'm bringing some of her ashes in the urn. That way she is with me on this cruise. She LOVED cruising. I'll put her pic magnet near the top of the door. In case soneobe tries to steal it We were married on my birthday. So I celebrate both ay the same time. She passed away at the age of 70
  25. Thank you. My next cruise I am booked on is MSC Divina
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